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Fällkniven X: the strongest full-tang outdoor knife ever!

The Fällkniven X collection consists of top-quality outdoor knives. Fällkniven even claims that these knives are the strongest they have ever produced. The F1x, the S1x and the A1x all have a full-tang construction. This means that the steel of the blade runs throughout the entire handle. As a result, the handle is incredibly strong. The scales are made from Thermorun. Something we have already seen before on other Fällkniven knives. What's striking about the X collection is that the textured pattern offers even more grip.

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Features of the Fällkniven X

Fällkniven XB: back in black

The X collection also includes the XB versions. These knives feature a special tungsten-carbide coating on the blade. With a hardness of 83 HRC, the coating is even harder than the blade! A couple of Fällkniven's tests with hard blocks of wood demonstrated that this coating is extremely hard-wearing. It also looks really cool! You can't see it clearly in photos, but the coating has a remarkable greyish glow. Stunning.

Fällkniven X steel type: Elmax and CoS steel

In terms of steel, you can choose between laminated CoS steel or Elmax steel. Both are great types of stainless steel. They retain their sharpness for a long time and they're also easy to sharpen. Moreover, these steel types don't break easily. All great features for an outdoor knife. Of course, the X collection is enhanced with a convex grind. That means that the edge is slightly rounded (hence the name convex) as it tapers off to the finest point of the cutting edge along the blade. As a result, the blade gets that famous convex shape that characterizes the convex grind. It gives the knife a stronger edge than a flat grind. Read more about sharpening convex grinds here.

Fällkniven X vs Fällkniven Pro

In many ways, the Fällkniven X collection closely resembles the critically acclaimed Pro collection. The steel is the same, just like the blade thickness and the convex grind. The difference is in the full-tang design, the updated sheath and the option to choose a Fällkniven with coating.