Fällkniven S1: the medium-sized Fällkniven knife

The Fällkniven S1 is a medium-sized outdoor knife. You could see it as the big brother of the famous Fällkniven F1. With a blade length of 13 cm the S1 is big enough for all common outdoor tasks. Building shelter, gutting game and processing wood for a campfire are child's play with this knife.

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Fällkniven S1x Forest Knife, outdoor knife
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Fällkniven S1 Pro outdoor knife, S1PRO10
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Fallkniven S1, blank blade, zytel sheath
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Fällkniven S1, black blade, Zytel sheath, S1BZ
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Fallkniven S1, blank blade, leather sheath
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Fällkniven - Leather sheath for S1
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Fallkniven S1, black blade
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Fällkniven S1 zytel sheath, FKS1EZ
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