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Amare Knives: German innovation for amazing prices

Amare Knives is a German knife brand, founded by knife maker and designer Ulrich Hennicke. Hennicke is a famous name in the knife world. Amare Knives is his outlet for innovative designs and cool inventions. It's a meeting place for his creative and innovative ideas that will turn the knife world upside down. Amare Knives’ motto is, unsurprisingly: ‘There is space outside the box’.

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Why choose Amare Knives?

First-class production knives in cooperation with Real Steel Knives

Amare Knives is a cooperation between Ulrich Hennicke’s company Messerunicum, and the Chinese knife brand Real Steel Knives. At Knivesandtools we are big fans of Real Steel. As such, we were thrilled to hear that Amare Knives has their knives produced by Real Steel. Real Steel produces top-quality knives with an amazing price-quality ratio. Real Steel's production and Hennicke's innovative ideas are a match made in heaven!

Amare Knives product types

Amara Knives sells innovative fixed knives as well as stylish pocket knives. Are you a fan of classic and rustic knives? Or are you looking for modern-looking knives? Either way, Amare Knives has what you're looking for!

About Ulrich Hennicke

German knife maker Ulrich Hennicke has been producing innovative knives for years. He is continuously on the lookout for new things he can add to his knives. He is a real inventor who doesn’t only focus on knives. He has amazing ideas for a lot of things. From flashlights to kitchen appliances. He is a remarkable man who has a great vision on design. In addition to his handmade knives, Hennicke worked with large knife brands such as Kizer Cutlery, Spyderco and WE knives on numerous occasions.

Frequently asked questions about Amare Knives