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Condor knives: cool knives for amazing prices

Condor Tool & Knife

Condor produces knives. Great knives. For great prices. That is what they are known for. In a workshop in El Salvador, South America hundreds of different knives are produced every day. Because of the massive amount of different knives the people at Condor have gained quite a lot of experience over the years. From machetes to small bushcraft knives, and from axes to prehistoric inspired knives. All made to be used.

Designs of the Condor knives

The people at Condor become inspired by many different things when designing their knives. They, for instance, closely look at the knives used by indigenous peoples living in tropical surroundings. But you will also find traditional Puukko's. In addition, Condor works with bushcraft designers such as Joe Flowers. With their years of experience in the woods and jungle they have gathered a massive amount of knowledge. A gold mine for a knife maker like Condor.

Price-quality ratio of Condor Tool & Knife

Condor excels at making knives for amazing prices. Are you looking for a perfectly finished display case knife? If so you might continue the search. Condor namely only produces knives that are meant to be used. Scratches, imperfections in the finish: it is all part of the whole package. You do, however, get a great price in return. Comparable knives from other manufacturers are in many cases much more expensive