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Top 10 budget survival knives

A budget survival knife is great for anyone who doesn't want to spend too much money. Considering the price you don't have to be too careful with these knives. As such they are perfect when you are spending a day in the woods or to use it as a back-up. However, just because it is a budget-knife doesn't mean that it isn't a top-quality product. A couple of brands in this list are Morakniv, Gerber, Condor and Cold Steel. These brands are known for their excellent price-quality ratio. But what are the best survival knives? To make the choice as simple as possible we made a list of the ten best budget survival knives.


Mora Robust 12249 fixed knife

98 review(s)

The Mora Robust is, as the name might already suggest, a robust fixed knife. The blade is a little thicker than that of other Mora knives which makes it perfect for the more demanding activities. As you might have guessed, survival! The rubber handle also feels great in hand and offers you enough grip. Even in the harshest and most humid situations.

£ 11,95 £ 12,95

In stock

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Cold Steel SRK SK5 49LCK fixed knife

3 review(s)

The Cold Steel SRK is a solid survival knife. SRK stands for Search and Rescue Knife. This, however, doesn't mean that you can only use this knife to track or rescue others. The SRK is also great when you need to 'rescue' yourself in a survival situation. The SRK is great value for money. It makes this knife absolutely indispensable in this top 10!

£ 82,95

Not available

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Real Steel Bushcraft III Scandi 3725 bushcraft knife

7 review(s)

The Real Steel Bushcraft III Scandi is a robust, and amazingly priced bushcraft knife. Real Steel definitely kept the shapes nice and subtle. No unnecessary frills: a good and simple knife. The handle is made from G10. The texture of the G10 gives you additional grip and the shape of the handle is designed as such that you can use it for a long period of time.

£ 56,95 £ 60,95

Not available

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Schrade Frontier 5" Fixed Blade SCHF36, 1095 Carbon Steel, fixed knife with sharpening steel and firesteel

4 review(s)

The Schrade Frontier is a cool survival knife that, without a doubt, can compete with many survival knives in higher price ranges. The handle is very ergonomic which means that it feels great in hand. The fact that Schrade can produce a knife for such an appealing price is truly impressive. Especially when you realize that it also comes with a sharpening stone and firesteel. A complete survival knife, for a very good price.

£ 45,95

In stock

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Böker Plus Outdoorsman 02BO004 outdoor knife

0 review(s)

The underdog in this top 10 is the Böker Plus Outdoorsman. Don't underestimate this knife. For a great price you receive a great type of steel, a rubber handle with a lot of grip and a decent sheath to carry the knife in. At the end of the handle a part of the steel tang is sticking out. You can use this part as an improvised hammer. Incredibly practical!

£ 38,95

Not available

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Condor Terrasaur Knife Desert 3944-4.1HC bushcraft knife 63846

0 review(s)

The Condor Terrasaur is a slim, versatile survival knife. The blade has a scandi-grind. That is a fine grind for wood work. A scandi-edge is also easy to sharpen. Even with limited means and while out in the field. The blade is made from 1095 carbon steel. A strong type of steel that is easy to sharpen and can handle quite a bit. The sheath is made from plastic and can be used by both left and right-handed users.

£ 48,95

Not available

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Steel Will Roamer 305-1OR orange fixed knife

1 review(s)

The Steel Will Roamer 305 is part of the Roamer collection. This is a versatile, affordable knife collection designed for various purposes. The Roamer 305 is a medium-sized survival knife. The solid 14 cm D2-steel droppoint blade is enhanced with a black coating. As such the steel won't be affected by rust as quickly. Thanks to its size the Roamer 305 won't take up too much room. It is therefore the perfect knife to carry with you when you go camping or for survival purposes.

£ 49,00 £ 63,65

± 1 week

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Cold Steel Bushman 95BUSKZ with firesteel

0 review(s)

A unique knife in this top 10 is the Cold Steel Bushman. This survival knife is made from one piece of steel. Remarkable about the Bushman is that you can place it on a stick to make a spear. Great when you find yourself in a (survival) situation where you need to hunt or defend yourself.

£ 50,95

Not available

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Mora Kansbol 12634 bushcraft knife with sheath, green

33 review(s)

The Mora Kansbol is a famous knife in the outdoor world. Striking is the grind on the blade. From the handle the blade is approximately 2.4 mm thick. Halfway through, however, the blade becomes thinner until the end towards a thickness of 1.0 mm at the tip. As such the Kansbol is a little lighter, but because of the thicker part at the end of the blade still incredibly strong. Not great for the more demanding tasks such as batoning wood, but definitely a knife that shouldn't be missing from this list.

£ 32,95 £ 36,95

± 2 months

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KA-BAR Heavy-Duty Warthog Knife 02-1278 survival knife

4 review(s)

The KA-BAR Heavy-Duty Warthog is a large survival knife, made for heavy-duty tasks. The 16.7 cm blade is large, but definitely doesn't stand out the most. What does is the blade height of 6 cm. Especially when combined with a blade thickness of 6 mm. As such the Warthog truly is one of the most impressive knives in our range. With the Warthog you receive a lot of knife for your money.

£ 85,95

In stock

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