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Top 10 best bushcraft knives for survival tasks

Can you use a bushcraft knife for survival purposes? Yes, you can! These bushcraft knives are rock-solid and can handle a lot. That is why they are suited for use in extreme circumstances. Great if you find yourself in a survival situation, or for those who are exploring the boundaries of bushcraft. But which knife is best suited for survival purposes? We made a list of ten bushcraft knives for survival tasks.


Mora Garberg bushcraft knife, Multimount

31 review(s)

The Mora Garberg has proven itself one thousand times over. Beloved by both bushcraft enthusiasts and survival experts because of its thick blade and the robust scandi edge. This is also one of the only Morakniv knives with a stick-tang handle. This means that the steel of the blade extends all the way to the end of the handle. The result is a rock-solid construction. The multi-mount is MOLLE compatible and easy to take with you. The many mounting options make this a very versatile sheath.

£ 87,95

In stock

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Fällkniven S1x Forest Knife, outdoor knife

2 review(s)

The Fällkniven S1X is a top-quality outdoor knife. Enhanced with a full-tang handle. This means that the tang of the blade runs throughout the entire handle. This is stronger than other construction methods. The blade is no less than 6 mm thick. As such this knife is one of the most robust knives on this list.

£ 228,95 £ 252,95

In stock

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Victorinox Outdoor Master Mic Large 4.2261 outdoor knife

0 review(s)

The Victorinox Outdoor Master is a solid knife. The knives in the Victorinox Outdoor Master collection are the first fixed outdoor knives ever produced by Victorinox. The Outdoor Master is enhanced with a 4 mm thick blade with scandi edge and is full-tang. The edge can handle its own and is great for wood work.

£ 191,95

In stock

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LionSteel M5-G10 Sleipner blade, G10 handle

16 review(s)

The LionSteel M5 is an all-round fixed knife. Made for both survival and bushcraft tasks. Each detail was carefully though through to make sure this knife is as user-friendly as possible. The G10 handle, for instance, is enhanced with grooves for enough grip. The end of the full-tang handle also functions as a hammer. This is possible because the steel sticks out a little. The blade is made from Sleipner steel. A robust and reliable type of steel.

£ 135,95

± 2 weeks

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Benchmade Leuku 202 bushcraft knife

1 review(s)

The Benchmade 202 is a modern interpretation of the classic Leuku knife. Enhanced with a rock-solid CPM 3V steel blade and a Santoprene handle that offers enough grip. 3V steel is one of the toughest and most robust types of steel at the moment. This steel can easily handle heavy-duty use. You can also use the 13 cm long and 5 mm thick blade for chopping tasks. When, for instance, you need to find your way through dense vegetation.

£ 150,95 £ 192,95

± 1 week

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Fällkniven F1Pro Zytel sheath, F1PRO

18 review(s)

The Fällkniven F1 Pro is the improved version of the well-known Fällkniven F1: the pilot knife of the Swedish air force. This knife is made to withstand the most extreme circumstances. The blade is made from top-quality cobalt steel and the thermo run handle offers a lot of grip. Even if your hands are wet. The convex edge is sharp and very strong.

£ 304,95 £ 371,00

± 1 week

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Condor Selknam Knife 3921-5.1HC bushcraft knife 63821

1 review(s)

The Condor Selknam is a bushcraft knife with a large and heavy 1075 carbon steel blade. This knife also comes with a semi-circular 'firesteel' you can use on a flint to create sparks. The sheath contains a special holder, and a pouch with enough room for tinder or a sharpening stone. Great if you find yourself in a survival situation where you need to build a fire.

£ 111,95

Not available

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ESEE Model 6HM bushcraft knife Modified Handle, leather sheath

1 review(s)

The ESEE Model 6 is a solid bushcraft knife that can also be used for survival purposes. The handle is made from micarta. This material offers you a lot of grip. Even in wet circumstances. That is why this knife is made to handle any type of environment. The blade of the ESEE 6HM is made from rock-solid 1095 carbon steel. This type of steel is not stainless. That is why the blade is enhanced with an extremely sustainable powder coating.

£ 172,95 £ 183,95

± 1 week

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Gerber Principle Black Bushcraft 30-001659 USA Made bushcraft knife

0 review(s)

When developing the Principle Gerber truly did its homework. The brand carefully looked at the needs of both amateur and expert bushcraft enthusiasts, making the Principle the perfect knife for every level. The blade is made from 420HC steel, and the handle is made from rubber. Materials that can handle a lot.

£ 97,95

In stock

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KA-BAR BK62 Kephart bushcraft knife

4 review(s)

The KA-BAR BK62 Kephart is a modern version of the classic Kephart bushcraft knife. Enhanced with walnut wood scales, 1095 carbon steel blade and a full-tang construction. The tang is tapered in the handle. As such the knife is light-weight but also still rock-solid.

£ 183,95 £ 194,95

In stock

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This is our top 10! Couldn't find what you were looking for? Don't worry. We have much more to offer. Check out all bushcraft knives for survival tasks here.

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