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What are the best bushcraft knives of 2023?

Are you looking for a new bushcraft knife, but not sure which one to get? In this top 5 we highlight our favourite bushcraft knives of 2023. These knives are excellent for any bushcraft tasks you may encounter.

The best bushcraft knives of 2023 according to Knivesandtools

There isn't just one kind of bushcraft knives: a bushcraft knife is a knife that is suitable for outdoor use, and excels at the tasks commonly found when out in nature. Want to cut delicate curls on your featherstick, make notches in a tent peg or cut a birch bark container to size? These knives can do it all.

  1. Mora Kansbol Hunting 14236 Green Orange, hunting knife

    Mora Kansbol Hunting 14236 Green Orange, hunting knife

    Morakniv is a Swedish brand, famous for their outdoor knives that are perfect for bushcrafters. Unsurprisingly, we've put one of their knives at the top of this list. This knife is the 'hunting' version of the Morakniv Kansbol, a very popular bushcraft knife. Although this knife does not have a full-tang construction, it makes up for it with its excellent cutting capabilities. The tip of the blade has an extra thin grind, perfect for the most precise cutting tasks. The base of the blade is thick, so you can still use it to cut through wood. These new colours are perfect for bushcrafters who like to be able to spot their knives in case they drop it on the forest floor, or for hunters who want to match the knife with their clothing.

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  2. Marttiini Lumberjack 127012 Dark Birch Carbon, outdoor knife

    Marttiini Lumberjack 127012 Dark Birch Carbon, outdoor knife

    The Marttiini Lumberjack is a real lumberjack, true to its name. This Finnish brand stayed true to the traditional Finnish puukko design. The carbon steel blade with its scandi grind is perfect for precise cutting tasks like making feathersticks or filleting fish. The low height of the blade ensures enhanced dexterity while cutting. It's a design that has proven itself throughout the centuries.

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  3. Victorinox Venture 3.0902.3 Black, bushcraft knife

    Victorinox Venture 3.0902.3 Black, bushcraft knife

    When you think of pocket knives, you think of Victorinox. This Swiss brand released a bushcraft knife this year, designed with Swiss precision. This knife has a full-tang construction which makes it extra strong. As we have come to expect from Victorinox, this knife is as versatile as the rest of their collection. On the back of the knife are some ridges to give the knife more grip when holding it in a 'precision grip'. The back of the knife has sharp angles, perfect for scraping. You'll also find a hole that you can use with a manual drill (not included with this version). The sheath is also suitable for blowing more oxygen directly into your fire. Thanks to its versatility, this knife has truly earned a place in the top 5.

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  4. Morakniv Wit 14084 Ash Wood, Black Blade, bushcraft knife

    Morakniv Wit 14084 Ash Wood, Black Blade, bushcraft knife

    The Morakniv Wit from their Ash Wood collection. Actually, we would have liked to add the entire Ash Wood collection to this list, because they're all great. The Wit is the middle of the three in terms of size, and this knife has a great balance to it. Morakniv also classifies this knife as a bushcraft knife, and we agree. The blade is large enough for some heavy-duty tasks and small enough for precision work. The blade is made from stainless steel, so it's low maintenance and suitable for food preparation. The perfect all-rounder!

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