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Top 10 classic gentleman's knives

Gentleman's knives come in many different shapes and sizes. The two most popular types of gentleman's knives are the modern gentleman's knife and the classic gentleman's knife. Both types have many things in common. A gentleman's knife, for instance, has a luxurious and chic look and feel, it has a slim design and is compact, and they are a valuable addition to any outfit. And yet there is big difference between classic and modern gentleman's knives. In this top 10 we have selected our ten favourite classic gentleman's knives and we will explain what makes a classic gentleman's knife classic.

What is a classic gentleman's knife?

The literal meaning of classic is 'antique' or 'belonging to the antiquity'. This, of course, doesn't mean that all our classic gentleman's knives are hundreds of years old. When we are talking about a classic gentleman's knife we mean a knife that has remained true to the gentleman's knives that were produced in the past. Think of the design or the materials used. Classic gentleman's knives, for instance, are often made from wood, brass and stag horn. In addition, classic gentleman's knives are often enhanced with a traditional openings and lockings mechanism. A slipjoint lock, for instance, or a nail nick in the blade to open the blade with your nail.


Buck 110 Folding Hunter

305 review(s)

When we think of classic gentleman's knives there is always one that immediately comes to mind. The Buck 110! The Buck 110 is indispensable in practically every top 10 list. Here the knife also definitely feels at home. It is very likely that you might have come across a Buck 110 or a variation of this gentleman's knife at your grandfather or grandmother's house. The traditional design and the use of classic materials such as brass and ebony wood have turned this into a timeless knife. When you hold the Buck 110 in your hands, you truly hold a piece of history.

£ 83,95 £ 88,95

In stock

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Le Thiers Gentleman polished buffalo horn T9PCN pocket knife by Fontenille Pataud

0 review(s)

The name already says enough. There is therefore no doubt in the world that this is one of the best options for those looking for a classic gentleman's knife. The handle is made from stunning rough buffalo horn. Because it is a natural material each knife is different. Incredibly unique! Because of the chic look and feel you will definitely make quite the impression with this gentleman's knife.

£ 164,95

± 1 week

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Böker Barlow 100501 slipjoint pocket knife

4 review(s)

The Böker Barlow is a classic slipjoint. Everything about this gentleman's knife can be called classic. The blade, for instance, has a traditional clippoint shape and you can open the knife with two hands. The wooden handle with the steel bolster also remained true to how gentleman's knives were produced in the past. Because of its compact size you will always have room for the Böker Barlow. In the chest pocket of a neat jacket for instance.

£ 55,95 £ 67,95

In stock

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Laguiole and Aubrac Classic 12cm olive wood L0212OLI-FSB1

5 review(s)

Stylish and elegant. It is the best way to describe Laguiole! These gentleman's knives are produced in France from the most amazing materials. This classic gentleman's knife has a handle made from olive wood and a decorative pin pattern. Because of the slim blade the Laguiole en Aubrac Classic is the perfect tool for at the office to open a letter or peel an apple. In short, indispensable in the gear of every gentleman!

£ 99,95

In stock

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Moki Lockback MOP

10 review(s)

At Moki they have been producing the most amazing Japanese gentleman's knives for over a century. The mother-of-pearl inlay in the handle makes this Moki knife so special. A technique that has been used for centuries and you often only come across on the most expensive antique knives. It makes this Moki gentleman's knife one of the most unique gentleman's knives in our range. Perfect for anyone who loves exuberant colours and designs.

£ 193,95 £ 236,95

± 2 months

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Robert Klaas US Canoe 95mm Bone 2506-252 pocket knife

2 review(s)

The Robert Klaas US Canoe is a fancy and traditional gentleman's knife, made in Solingen. Here Robert Klaas has been producing stunning classic gentleman's knives for over 180 years. The US Canoe got its name from the handle. It namely looks like, you might have guessed it, a canoe. The handle has been enhanced with a stunning scale made from white bone with black specks. The logo of the Hen & Rooster had been added to the scale: the two famous chickens who unitedly look in the same direction. The bolsters are made from luxurious nickel silver.

£ 73,95

In stock

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Fällkniven GPs Gentleman's Pocket knife Desert Ironwood

0 review(s)

Fällkniven designed the GP as a robust pocket knife for the real gentleman. It is therefore not that surprising that the name 'GP' stands for 'Gentleman's Pocket Knife'. Like most classic gentleman's knives the GP is enhanced with a wooden scale and a steel bolster. You also open this pocket knife, like many traditional slipjoints, with the nailnick. In contrary to these slipjoints the GP has a solid linerlock. A nice shield with the Fällkniven logo was placed in the wood. This gentleman's knife is perfect for anyone looking for a classic gentleman's knife who doesn't want to make concessions when it comes to robustness and usability.

£ 287,95 £ 322,95

In stock

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Opinel pocket knife No. 6 Luxury Range, stainless steel, walnut wood

15 review(s)

Of course this list of classic gentleman's knives won't be complete without an Opinel knife. These classic French knives are very popular amongst campers. However, if you enhance the knife with a walnut wood handle you end up with a stunning gentleman's knife! The No.6 is slightly smaller than the famous No.8. The advantage is that the No.6 has a thinner handle to make sure you can easily carry it in combination with a nice suit. Because of the thin blade this Opinel is great for at the office to peel an apple or open a letter.

£ 13,95

In stock

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Higonokami pocket knife 7.3 cm HIGOCB, Blue paper steel, Matte Black Steel

1 review(s)

Everything about the Japanese Higo no Kami pocket knife radiates tradition. In Japan everyone, including school children, used to carry a knife like this. Today, however, it is considered to be a classic gentleman's knife. What makes this gentleman's knife so special is that it is still produced in a traditional manner. A nice piece of history for the real gentleman who wants to stand out!

£ 56,95

In stock

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Böker Boxer 111025 Desert Ironwood gentleman's knife, Raphael Durand design

2 review(s)

The Böker Boxer is a stunning gentleman's knife, designed by Raphael Durand. This French master designer is known for his amazing designs. Both aesthetically and ergonomically sound. The Boxer is no exception. Like many traditional gentleman's knives the pins are riveted to the handle. A difficult technique. It is therefore remarkable that even after 150 years Böker still uses it! This version of the Böker Boxer has a stunning handle made from desert ironwood.

£ 174,95 £ 191,95

± 1 week

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