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Looking for an original father's day gift? Top 10 original Knivesandtools Father's day tips!

It is difficult finding an original father's day gift. We completely understand. Because you don't want to buy another fragrance or bottle of liquor we made a list filled with original father's day gifts. Yes, this year Father's day will be one for the books!

Ideas for Father's day: we have got them!

The disadvantage of a fragrance, a bag of coffee or a bottle of liquor is that they eventually run out. For that reason it is great to give your father something practical he will use the rest of his life. Because, let's be honest, fathers love gadgets and tools. Keeping that thought in mind we selected the following ten items. In this top 10 you will find products from the following categories: gentleman's knives, bushcraft knives, razors, multi-tools, pens, kitchen knives and flashlights. All top-quality tools, specifically selected for Father's day!


Buck 110 Folding Hunter

305 review(s)

The Buck 110 is a legendary gentleman's knife. It is possible that your grandfather used to carry a similar knife back in the day. And if it is good enough for your grandfather it will definitely be good enough for your father! This design is so characteristic you will probably have come across a version of the Buck 110 in the store. At Knivesandtools you only purchase the real deal. Because your father deserves the best.

£ 83,95 £ 88,95

In stock

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Böker Barlow 100501 slipjoint pocket knife

4 review(s)

Another classic is the Böker Barlow. A fancy gentleman's knife and a little smaller and lighter than the Buck 110. As such the Böker Barlow will fit perfectly in your trouser pocket or the inside pocket of your jacket. In short, perfect for at the office. Something every father will be able to use!

£ 55,95 £ 67,95

In stock

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Opinel pocket knife No. 8 Luxury Range with leather sheath, olive wood

2 review(s)

Peeling an apple, opening a letter or cutting a piece of rope. Three inevitable daily tasks every father will face eventually. For that reason the Opinel No.8 will be the perfect gift for Father's day! This luxurious version has a handle made from olive wood and comes with a neat leather sheath. In addition, the Opinel No.8 is perfect when you go camping.

£ 32,95

In stock

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Mora Garberg bushcraft knife, Multimount

31 review(s)

We already mentioned it with the Opinel No.8: camping! Gathering wood for a campfire or making your own walking stick. It is all possible with the Mora Garberg. One of the best bushcraft knives in the world. With this knife your father will be the talk of the day during any camping trip.

£ 87,95

In stock

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Leatherman Wingman multi-tool 4000-NS, nylon sheath

9 review(s)

It is a simple truth: father's love to work in and around the house. For that reason any father could use a solid Leatherman multi-tool. The Wingman is a compact multi-tool with at least 14 tools. Any task will be completed in no time at all! This version comes with a solid nylon sheath.

£ 64,95 £ 69,95

In stock

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Böker Manufaktur Classic Black straight razor 140207

0 review(s)

Each father needs to shave. It is a simple fact. Today, however, you can choose from many different electric shavers. For that reason it is fun to do it differently for a change: classic shaving! Like your grandfather use to do it. The best choice? The Böker razors! Take this Böker Manufaktur Classic Black straight razor, for instance.

£ 73,95 £ 81,95

In stock

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Rick Hinderer Investigator Pen Aluminium Matte Black, tactical pen

0 review(s)

A pen will always come in handy. Want to make sure you father carries the coolest pen at the office? If so you can't go wrong with the Rick Hinderer Investigator pens! There are many versions of these cool pens! This matt-black version, for instance. If your father's favourite colour is blue you don't have to worry. We sell that colour as well!

£ 56,95 £ 60,95

Not available

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Eden Classic Damast chef's knife 20 cm

420 review(s)

A good chef's knife is indispensable in any kitchen. Our Eden Classic Damast chef's knife is an absolute must-have for in your knife block. Anything is possible with this knife. This chef's knife is great when cutting vegetables, meat, fish and fruit. But also finely chopping herbs, crushing pepper corns and peeling cloves of garlic is easy with this all-rounder. Do you want to give your father something he will use every single day? If so this is a great choice!

£ 64,95

In stock

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Fenix E18R rechargeable LED-flashlight

4 review(s)

A father is always working in and around the house. Even at night when suddenly something needs to be fixed. In this type of situation a flashlight will be indispensable. As such a flashlight is a fun gadget to give your father on Father's day. The size and version make the E18R perfect for hiking, camping, fishing and industrial use.

£ 67,95

In stock

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Victorinox Huntsman, Swiss pocket knife, black 1.3713.3

1 review(s)

Is it a pocket knife or multi-tool? It is both! In addition to a normal blade the Victorinox Hunter has been enhanced with a saw, scissors, and let's not forget: a corkscrew and a bottle opener. As such your father can enjoy a nice beer or glass of wine after a hard day at the office. Delicious

£ 35,95

In stock

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