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Looking for a straight razor? The classic and stylish straight razors of yesteryear!

Straight razors are back! Take some time for yourself and spend it on a well-deserved shave with a straight razor. Allow the soap to foam, apply it with a brush and take your time while you enjoy an extensive shave.

Why shave with a straight razor?

In addition to it being a wonderfully luxurious product, a straight razor will, in the long run, be a lot more affordable than disposable blades. A straight razor will last for generations which means that you will quickly recoup your investment. In addition to financial benefits this is, of course, also better for the environment. Instead of monthly purchasing disposal blades neatly wrapped in plastic packaging you can simply strop and sharpen your razor.

Many different straight razors

Straight razors come in many shapes and sizes. From differences in the type of steel used, to the grind or the shape of the tip: for any shaving style we will have the right straight razor!