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Pocket knives & multitools

Blade Blanks: we have got the blade, will you make the handle?

Blade blanks: a great option if you want to make your own knife, but cannot or do not want to work with metal. The blade is already there: all you need to do is supply the handle.

Tips for making your own scales

Choose the right material. Purchase a piece of G10, micarta or other type of hard wood. Olive wood or ebony, for instance. You need pins to secure the scales. Take, for instance, a brass rod, which is available in almost every hardware store. In terms of glue we recommend an epoxy/two-component adhesive. The rule of thumb here is: the longer it takes to dry, the stronger the connection will be. Properly degrease the surface before using the glue, and roughen the parts of the blade and the scales with coarse sandpaper before you add the glue for optimal adhesion.

Please note: making your own knives (or any other DIY project) does not come without risks. That is why you should always use safety goggles, gloves and respiratory protection. The blades are often already pretty sharp which is why we recommend covering the edge before you get to work. Knivesandtools is not liable in case of an accident or when you damage your knife