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Top 10 modern gentleman's knives


The James Brand Chapter, S35VN, titanium + satin pocket knife

0 review(s)

Slim, chic and enhanced with modern materials. The The James Brand Chapter has it all. The Chapter is one of the best examples when we talk about minimalist pocket knives. The simple but sleek design looks amazing when combined with a nice suit or shirt. Perfect for the modern gentleman who wants to carry a functional but charming gentleman's knife at the office.

£ 312,95

± 1 week

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CRKT CEO 7096 pocket knife, Richard Rogers design

22 review(s)

Talking about slim pocket knives. The CRKT CEO is one of the slimmest and most light-weight gentleman's knife in our range. The designer developed the CEO as such to make sure the knife could almost pass for a pen. Perfect for men (or women) who discretely wish to carry a gentleman's knife. Its low weight and thickness ensure that you hardly notice it in your pocket.

£ 51,95 £ 53,95

In stock

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Benchmade Proper 319DLC-1801 Limited Edition Slipjoint pocket knife

0 review(s)

The Benchmade Proper is, as the name might suggest, a 'proper' gentleman's knife. The proper is perfect for at the office. The blade of the proper can namely only be opened with two hands. As such your colleagues won't be spooked when you open the knife to peel an apple. The Proper is enhanced with a slipjoint mechanism. This means that the blade doesn't lock when opened. Just like a classic gentleman's knife. The use of modern materials make the Proper the perfect example of a modern gentleman's knife.

£ 159,90 £ 181,00

± 1 week

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Victorinox Pioneer 1 Alox, silver

11 review(s)

Even though the Swiss pocket knife was first introduced in 1890 the Pioneer Solo with Alox (aluminium) handle can definitely be called a modern gentleman's knife. Originally one only used wood for the handle. Victorinox, however, decided that it was time for a modern, robust upgrade. That was how the Alox-collection was born. Because of the slim, compact design you will always have room for the Pioneer Solo in your outfit.

£ 21,95 £ 23,95

In stock

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Viper Dan 2 5930FC Carbon N690, sheepfoot

2 review(s)

The Viper Dan 2 collection is a stylish collection of gentleman's knives with a wide choice of handle materials. This specific edition of the Viper Dan 2 has a stunning handle made from carbon fibre. A state-of-the-art material that is even used for space travel. It makes the Viper Dan 2 indispensable in this top 10 of modern gentleman's knives!

£ 110,95 £ 122,95

± 2 weeks

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WE Knife Schism 908A gold pocket knife

0 review(s)

WE Knife produces some of the best modern pocket knives on the market today. You might wonder what a knife like the Schism does in this top 10. Simple! The straight wharncliffe-shape blade originally comes from the traditional pocket knife world. This, combined with modern materials such as titanium and S35VN steel, has turned the WE Knife Schism into a cool and modern interpretation of a classic gentleman's knife.

£ 258,95

In stock

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The James Brand Elko, bone G10 + black pocket knife

0 review(s)

When we talk about gentleman's knives we talk about style and class. The people at The James Brand understand this completely. Many design and fashion enthusiasts work at The James Brand. They have a different view on what a pocket knife should look like all their own. The result is a stylish and unique pocket knife brand. This is clear when you look at the sleek and unique design of the Elko. Because of its size the Elko is perfect to accompany your bunch of keys. As such you can open a box or letter in style. No matter where you are! This is a cool tuxedo version. Perfect for a black tie event.

£ 62,95

In stock

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LionSteel TRE GY Titanium, grey

5 review(s)

Indispensable in this top 10 is the LionSteel TRE. A cool gentleman's knife made in Italy. The fact that LionSteel produces stunning gentleman's knives is well known in the knife world. The LionSteel TRE, however, definitely stands out. The tasteful and slim design has made the titanium TRE one of the most beloved gentleman's knives in the world. Want to start somewhere with collecting modern gentleman's knives? If so the LionSteel TRE is a great choice!

£ 217,95

Not available

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Mcusta MC-33D Shinra Take Folding knife, handle/blade: Damascus and Damascus

17 review(s)

We travel the world and move from Italy to Japan. When you think of Japanese gentleman's knives you often find yourself looking at Mcusta. An optimal price-quality ratio and eccentric designs have turned Mcusta into a beloved gentleman's knives brand. The MC-33D Take with the damasteel blade and handle is perfect for anyone looking for a unique modern gentleman's knife. A fun little detail is the attention paid to the nicely woven storage cases.

£ 215,95 £ 236,95

In stock

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Spyderco Chaparral Carbon fibre C152CF pocket knife

11 review(s)

Last, but certainly not least, is the Spyderco Chaparral. This gentleman's knife is so popular that it is also called one of the best gentleman's knives ever produced. This is mainly due to the amazing finish on the knife and the amazing combination of materials used. The G10 handle with carbon fibre laminate makes the knife look very chic. The Spyderco Chaparral is also very thin which makes it comfortable to carry on the inside of your jacket pocket!

£ 134,00 £ 154,00

Not available

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