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Top 10 public-friendly EDC knives

As a knife enthusiast you prefer to carry a pocket knife no matter where you go. Your EDC pocket knife. However, in some situations or at some locations it would be more practical to carry a pocket knife that looks a little friendlier. Or one that doesn't have a lock or one-handed opening. That is why we made a list with different public-friendly EDC knives for you to show off. Without ever having to worry about what others might think.


Böker Barlow 100501 slipjoint pocket knife

3 review(s)

For over 100 years the Barlow is being produced, and this version made by Böker is an excellent example. With a blade length of 6.5 cm it is hard to see it as a threat, and because it is associated with the famous 'grandfather's knife' you often stand out even more. And yet, this thin blade is perfect when peeling an apple or opening a box.

  • Opening/lock: two-handed/slipjoint

£ 55,80 £ 67,95

± 1 week

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Victorinox Pioneer Alox Blue 0.8201.22R4.KTE1 Knivesandtools Edition, Swiss pocket knife

0 review(s)

This list wouldn't be complete without a Victorinox knife. Everyone knows them, no one considers them to be threat. The Pioneer has a lot of practical tools, in addition to the pocket knife to make sure it can come in handy on the campsite or during hikes. This special blue Knivesandtools edition is extra special. Available in four colours.

  • Opening/lock: two-handed/slipjoint


£ 43,95

In stock

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Viper Dan 2 5930FC Carbon N690, sheepfoot

2 review(s)

Because of its round shape and sheepsfoot-blade the Viper Dan looks very friendly. You open it with one hand and because of the slipjoint it doesn't really have a lock. As such you can carry it around almost anywhere. Ergonomically speaking this is a great knife, and the Italian finish is to die for. Available with many different handle materials, also wood, G10 and micarta.

  • Opening/lock: one-handed/slipjoint


£ 110,90 £ 123,00

Not available

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Böker Plus Rocket Titanium 01BO264 pocket knife, Darriel Caston design

0 review(s)

This by Darriel Caston developed Rocket is a funny pocket knife, that, because of its square shapes, doesn't really look like a pocket knife. These types of unique designs is exactly what Caston is known for. This pocket knife can be opened with one hand and has a linerlock, but because of its design it doesn't really look threatening.

  • Opening/lock: one-handed/linerlock

£ 39,95

± 3 days

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Benchmade Aller 380 pocket knife, Famin & Demongivert design

0 review(s)

This knife was made for this list. Almost literally. Designers Famin & Demongivert were namely looking for a practical knife they could take with them no matter where they went. The Benchmade Aller was the answer. With a sharp blade, and a couple of other tools for on the road.

  • Opening/lock: one-handed/friction folder

£ 157,95 £ 165,00

In stock

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Robert Klaas US Canoe 95mm Bone 2506-252 pocket knife

2 review(s)

You can't go wrong with a traditional. We already demonstrated this by putting the Barlow at No.1. Another best-seller in our range is the Robert Klaas Canoe. Made in a small workshop in Solingen, Germany. The finish is great, especially considering the great price.

  • Opening/lock: two-handed/slipjoint


£ 73,30

In stock

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Lansky World Legal Slipjoint pocket knife Mikkel Willumsen design LKN333

0 review(s)

Okay, in terms of looks the Lansky World Legal Slipjoint might not exactly fit the briefing of this list. However, purely based on the law you could take this knife with you almost everywhere. Because of its relatively large handle you have enough grip and because of its great price you don't have to worry about using it.

  • Opening/lock: two-handed/slipjoint


£ 26,90

In stock

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Opinel No. 08 pocket knife, carbon steel, blade length 8,5 cm

113 review(s)

In a list with friendly-looking knives the Opinel No.08 shouldn't be missing. This is more of a style icon than a pocket knife. In design museums and books this knife is praised because of its utilitarian design. For such an amazing price, why wouldn't you?

  • Opening/lock: two-handed/Virobloc


£ 8,60

In stock

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Fällkniven LTC Legal To Carry, blue

1 review(s)

The name says it all: Legal to Carry. It is the Fällkniven LTC. It looks like a very simple knife. However, one with a blade made from rock-solid 3G powder steel. It retains its sharpness well to make sure you don't have to sharpen it often. And with a weight of only 33 grams you won't even notice it in your pocket.

  • Opening/lock: two-handed/slipjoint


£ 86,95 £ 105,00

± 3 weeks

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Spyderco Roadie - C189PBK

0 review(s)

The Roadie. For people who spend a lot of time on the road. You open it with two hands and the slipjoint merely offers you some resistance. Because of its blunt tip and blade length of 5.3 cm it is hard to see this as an unfriendly knife. A practical EDC which, with its 27 grams, weighs next to nothing.

  • Opening/lock: two-handed/slipjoint


£ 62,95 £ 84,00

In stock

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