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Top 5 best bushcraft knives for food prep

A bushcraft knife is incredibly versatile. They are real all-rounders. And yet everyone has a preference and not every bushcraft knife can be used for a specific task. Food prep is a good example! When you cut food you need a thinner grind. But which knives are the best? We made a list of our top 5 bushcraft knives for food prep.


Brisa Nessmuk 125 Curly Birch 2085

2 review(s)

The Brisa Nessmuk 125 is enhanced with a classic Nessmuk-style blade. This blade shape is characterized by its wavy shape and that it is wider at the tip. This type of knife is mostly used to gut game and prepare food. These knives are therefore mostly popular amongst hunters or people who love to go camping or hiking. Because the blade is broader at the tip the blade is not only sturdier, you can also use this broad tip as an improvised 'spoon'.

£ 89,95

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Mora Kansbol 12634 bushcraft knife with sheath, green

33 review(s)

The Mora Kansbol is a stunning example of a versatile bushcraft knife. The blade is thinner towards the tip. As such this knife is perfect for food prep. For many cutting tasks in the kitchen you merely use the tip. The start of the edge is thicker for the more demanding cutting tasks. Like wood work. But also vegetables are no match for this knife.

£ 32,95 £ 36,95

± 2 months

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Gerber Spine & Devour Set 1052479

0 review(s)

Due to the flat grind the Gerber Spine is a great knife for food prep. As a cherry on top this knife comes with an outdoor spork. To elevate your outdoor cooking adventure! This is a multi-functional spoon/fork. A practical, extra multi-tool is added to the back of the handle. To open cans and for many more tasks.

£ 45,95

In stock

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GiantMouse GMF2-FF M390 fixed knife, Ansø en Voxnaes design

0 review(s)

The GiantMouse GMF2 is an amazing bushcraft knife. This FF version is enhanced with a full-flat grind. The flat grind extends to the spine of the blade, making it more suited for food prep than its predecessor. The M390 steel retains its sharpness for a really long time, all to make sure you can easily prepare a delicious meal.

£ 205,95

± 1 week

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LionSteel B35 CVG Green Canvas Micarta bushcraft knife

0 review(s)

Last but not least: the Lionsteel B35. With a flat grind blade you can easily cut food and with the sharp tip you can work very precisely. The handle is secured with screws. As such you can easily take the B35 apart to clean it. Great if your knife is covered in fruit juices.

£ 108,95 £ 135,95

Not available

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And this is our top 5! Couldn't find what you were looking for? Don't worry. We have much more to offer. Check out all bushcraft knives for food prep here!

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