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Fällkniven F1: the real all-round outdoor knife

The Fällkniven F1 is an all-round outdoor knife, originally designed for Swedish jet fighter pilots. The fact that the F1 was capable of a lot more than being a part of the standard ejection seat equipment of a pilot became clear quite fast. Today the Fällkniven F1 is one of the most popular all-round knives on the market. There are many versions to choose from, like the original F1, the F1 Pro, the F1 CoS and many more. Within the community of bushcrafters, hunters and hikers, the F1 enjoys consistent praise and positive reviews!

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Features of the Fällkniven F1

Fällkniven F1: different versions

The Fällkniven F1 series consists of different versions. There's the F1x and the F1xb, made from Elmax steel. Fällkniven added a special tungsten-carbide coating to make the blade even tougher. Another popular choice is the F1 CoS. The core of the blade is made from CoS steel. This is a stainless cobalt steel type with excellent sharpness retention. Of course, there's also the F1 Pro, with a thicker blade and steel bolster. Despite the differences, the knives all have something in common: they all have the same familiar and proven dimensions. Perfectly suited to meet demands of hunters and bushcraft enthusiasts.

Fällkniven F1 convex grind

Many fixed knives produced by Fällkniven are enhanced with a convex grind. That means that the edge is slightly rounded (hence the name convex) as it tapers off to the finest point of the cutting edge along the blade. As such, the blade gets that famous convex shape that characterizes the convex grind. It results in a stronger edge than a flat grind would have. Contrary to what is often thought, sharpening a convex grind is actually not difficult at all! Read more about sharpening convex grinds here.

Fällkniven F1: origins

The Fällkniven F1 series was created to meet the needs of fighter pilots, but quickly grew into an acclaimed collection for various outdoor enthusiasts. The idea was to create an all-round outdoor knife with unmatched functionality, resulting in a series suitable for both precision work and heavy-duty use in nature.