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Pocket knives & multitools

Benchmade Bugout: light-weight pocket knives for EDC and hikes

Benchmade Bugout pocket knives weigh next to nothing. You rarely come across knives that are so light, and still so functional. Originally Benchmade designed the Bugout as a pocket knife for hikers. People who spend time in the mountains and pay attention to every gram. A great pocket knife during the picnic after reaching the top, or to cut a feather stick to start a fire. Soon, however, EDC enthusiasts discovered the qualities of the Bugout. Today the Benchmade Bugout is one of Benchmade's most popular pocket knives.

Benchmade knives: made in the USA

Benchmade knives are produced in the United States. High-end techniques, modern materials and motivated employees produce amazing knives for enthusiasts and professionals on a daily basis. From hunters to soldiers: everyone will find the perfect knife at Benchmade.