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Gearmix: Helle Spire & Helle Gro

Going out with your family will be much better with the cool knives from Helle Knives. Exploring nature together and learning new skills. Building shelter, making fires and roasting marshmallows. We made a list of our favourites for small and large bushcraft enthusiasts. Both knives look alike. And yet they are still slightly different.

Helle Gro & Spire

Helle Spire

The name Helle Spire means 'to sprout' in Norwegian. The knife for little bushcraft enthusiasts of whom the love of the outdoors is just starting to 'sprout'. In terms of materials this knife is similar to the Gro, only 50% smaller.

Helle Gro

The name Helle Gro means 'to grow' in Norwegian. This knife is great for bushcraft enthusiasts blessed with large hands: it is 50% larger than the Spire.