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UltiClip 3+ Plus pant clip for sheaths

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SKU: UT008

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Full description

The UltiClip 3+ is a strong steel clip you can attach to the sheath of a fixed knife to safely carry it in your pocket. The clip makes sure that you don't take the sheath from your pocket. At first opening the clip might be a little difficult. This, however, ensures that it is properly secured to your pocket. You could also attach the sheath to a backpack pocket, for instance. This 3+ version of the 3 has slightly curved edges for additional solidity. The shape of the mounting holes is also slightly different.

The UltiClip 3+ has three mountings holes. Two elongated holes and a round hole. Approximately 4.3 cm is located between the outer ends of the holes. As a result you have a lot of flexibility in terms of attachment. The clip comes without screws.


Brand UltiClip
Colour black
Country of origin USA

UltiClip 3+ Plus pant clip for sheaths


General information

Brand UltiClip
Colour black
Country of origin USA
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 2 year

Features & functions

Type clip
Fastened by other

Dimensions & weight

Weight 13 grams
Length 9 cm
Height 1.2 cm
Width 2.7 cm