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The advantages of a knife magnet

A magnetic knife strip is the perfect solution to safely and hygienically store your kitchen knives. But it is also the perfect way to showcase your favourite kitchen knives. So take out your most beloved knives and display them on a magnetic knife strip! There are many different knife magnets so there is always one that will look perfect in your kitchen. Want to learn more about the advantages of a magnetic knife strip? We will tell you all about it.

Using a knife magnet has a couple important advantages. To start with the most important one:

The knives retain their sharpness longer

When you use a brand-new knife for the first time you simply don't know what is happening to you. Without having to apply any pressure to can easily cut through vegetables, fruit and meat! Kitchen knives, however, will always become blunt in time, but the speed at which that happens can be limited. By, for instance, using a magnetic knife strip. After all, as long as the edge doesn't come into contact with other knives or hard materials, you don't have to worry about a thing. That is why with our knife magnets the magnetic strip is always located behind the wood. The result is that the knife only comes into contact with the wood. As such the edge won't be damaged which means that your knife will stay sharp longer.

However, as soon as a knife comes into contact with something hard, other kitchen knives, for instance, it will become blunt a lot faster. As such you should never purchase a magnetic knife strip made from iron, or one with iron strips. Iron will, after all, damage the edges of your kitchen knives. Always choose a material that is softer than the blade. Wood or plastic, for instance. We do sell stainless steel magnetic knife strips, but the plastic or rubber studs prevent damage.


If you are looking for a knife in a drawer that also contains other knives you could end up hurting yourself. A magnetic knife strip will therefore not only make sure your knife won't become blunt, it will also keep your fingers safe! You place the blade of the knife against the strip and the magnet will make sure the knife stays in place. Because our knife magnets are comprised of one large, horizontal magnet the strip is strong enough to store all kitchen knives. As such you are not limited by the amount of knives you can hang or where you can place them on the strip. Even heavy knives won't slide off. But please note: there are also magnetic knife strips that contain multiple small magnets. With these magnets you will, as such, be limited in the amount of knives you can display. But perhaps even worse, the magnets are often not strong enough. Heavy kitchen knives will slide off these strips, which could have nasty consequences.

Never grab the wrong knife again

A magnetic knife strip will display your kitchen knives in full glory. Not tucked away in a block or in a drawer: because your stunning kitchen knives deserve to be seen. And you will also never grab the wrong knife again. Something that could occur if you use a knife block.

More room in your drawers and on your countertop

Do you have a small kitchen, or is your counter top filled with your coffee maker or other appliances? With a knife magnet you will have more room in your drawers and on your counter top. Not enough room on your wall for a knife magnet? Use a knife block or in-drawer knife organizer.


Using a magnetic knife strip is also more hygienic than using, for instance, a knife block with slots. It can be tricky cleaning in between these slots. Cleaning a magnetic knife strip is easy: wipe it off and you are done!

An asset to your kitchen

With a knife magnet you can neatly store your knives but also make your kitchen look even better. There are sleek, modern magnet strips, like the Eden magnetic knife strips, but there are also special designs to make sure the strip will match your interior. A Noyer magnetic strip, for instance. And are you expanding your knife collection? Just place a second strip next to it!! Much more practical than buying a second knife block.