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Spotlight: Wicked Edge Cobalt WE64

The Wicked Edge Cobalt WE64 is a new sharpening system in Wicked Edge's 60 collection. It combines the portability of the Wicked Edge GO systems with the ease of use of the DualCam Vise. This feature is usually only found on Wicked Edge's more expensive systems. The DualCam Vise offers the fastest sharpening experience available in the Wicked Edge 60 line. In this spotlight, we highlight all aspects of this cobalt-blue sharpening system.

Wicked Edge Cobalt WE64

Features of the Wicked Edge Cobalt sharpening system

The Wicked Edge Cobalt is similar to the Wicked Edge GO sharpening systems. As with the GO, the Cobalt brings the Wicked Edge sharpening systems back to the basics. Just the knife clamp, the guide rods with adjustable angle and a combination sharpening stone. It's all you need to sharpen your knives to razor-sharpness! There's one exception though: the knife clamp is not just any knife clamp, it's the DualCam Vise. This is the clamping mechanism you usually only see on more expensive Wicked Edge models. This makes the Cobalt an inexpensive sharpening system with the convenience of a more expensive Wicked Edge sharpening system.

Wicked Edge Cobalt DualCam Vise©

The DualCam Vise is designed for speed, ease of use and to clamp different types of blades. The clamp has three ‘fingers’ compared to the massive clamp that was a part of the old Wicked Edge GO. As such, the clamp is a little more flexible, enabling it to hold different blades. This clamp even holds flat-grind blades and tapered blades. Attaching the blade is also a lot easier thanks to the lever, which you usually only see on the more expensive Wicked Edge sharpening systems.

Wicked Edge Cobalt WE64 angles
Wicked Edge Cobalt WE64 sharpening

Wicked Edge Cobalt sharpening stones

The Wicked Edge Cobalt includes two double-sided diamond-coated sharpening stones with grit sizes 200 and 600. These are American grit sizes, so they are finer than you are used to from Japanese stones with the same number. With the 200 side you can sharpen blunt knives. With these diamond-coated sharpening stones you can quickly restore the edge of your knife. The 600 grit side refines the cutting edge. It's possible to expand the sharpening system with other Wicked Edge sharpening stones.

How to use the Wicked Edge Cobalt

Clamp the blade centred in the DualCam Vise. Next, determine the sharpening angle at which you want to sharpen the knife. Both guide rods are infinitely adjustable in angle. From approx. 13 degrees up to 31 degrees depending on the height of your knife. You loosen the knob and simply slide it through the profile. Using a marker, mark the edge to then find the right angle. Read more about sharpening angles and how to determine the sharpening angle with a marker here. Then place the sharpening stones on the guide rods and alternately pass the coarse side of the sharpening stones along both sides of the blade. Then switch to the finer side of stone. If the sharpening angle is set properly, about 10 to 20 passes per side is enough to achieve razor-sharp results!

Wicked Edge Cobalt sharpening system

With its new features, the Wicked Edge Cobalt sharpening system is a popular choice. Especially for those who find most Wicked Edge sharpening systems a bit too pricey, while appreciating the quality of Wicked Edge. The Wicked Edge Cobalt WE64 is available at Knivesandtools!