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What is tranching?

Tranching is a cutting technique during which you cut your food into slices. Tranching is usually carried out at the dinner table, and you need a carving set, consisting of a carving knife and tranching fork. Cutting meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and bread into slices is called tranching. The cut slices are called tranches.

When do you tranche?

You never tranche the meat directly after preparing it. Always leave the meat to rest for 5 to 10 minutes to make sure the meat juices are properly distributed over the meat. As such less moisture seeps out when you tranche the meat. The best way to allow meat to rest is in foil or an oven at 70˚ Celcius.

After giving it enough time to rest you place the meat on a cutting board. The board could slide during use. Place a moist towel underneath the board to make sure it stays in place.

How do you tranche meat?

It is important to use a sharp, non-serrated knife. It will enable you to make the most beautiful cut. When you cut them at an angle the slices will appear to be bigger. It is important to cut perpendicular to the grain. Sounds difficult, but it isn't! You follow the grain, and cut in the opposite direction. By doing this you ensure that the meat stays nice and tender.

Always use a razor-sharp knife. As such you can allow the knife to do the work and you won't have to apply too much pressure. When you apply pressure you namely lose moisture. To make sure you can maintain your grip over the meat and won't cut yourself you use the claw grip.

How do you tranche chicken?

Tranching chicken is different from tranching meat. To tranche chicken you use a sharp kitchen knife and a meat fork. You place the back of the chicken on the cutting board. Afterwards you cut off the leg. You cut it at the hinge joint of the ball joint. The next thing you remove are the wings, also at the hinge joint. Finally, you remove the fillet. As you do so you cut closely along the spine. Follow the bone and ribs with the tip of the knife. If you also do this on the other side you end up with two chicken fillets.

How do you tranche fish?

For fish there are two options when it comes to tranching. You can, of course, cut the fish in slices, but you can also cut thin slices over the entire length of the fish. For it, it is important that the fish is deboned. To tranche the length of the fish you use a filleting knife. You hold it as flat as possible. You start cutting approx. 20 cm from the right side. As such you cut long and thin slices.

Traching during a BBQ

During a BBQ you can also tranche the meat to serve it nicely. When barbecuing it is important to keep the BBQ at a stable temperature. The meat will then cook evenly. After leaving the meat to rest you can tranche it at the dinner table. For it you use a carving knife for the BBQ.