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Cleaning an enamel cast-iron pan

An enamel cast iron pan has a number of advantages: optimal heat distribution, long-term heat retention and it will last a life time. Because cast iron and enamel are slightly different from steel and a ceramic non-stick coating we have a couple of tips.

Cleaning an enamel cast iron pan

A little bit of tlc in the form of a bath will definitely benefit your enamel cast iron pan. We strongly advise against cleaning it in the dishwasher. Your enamel will become dull and you can end up with scratches. Washing it by hand can extend the life of your pan.

Cleaning a burnt pan

Never use aggressive cleaning detergents or metal sponges to clean a burnt pan. Both can namely damage the enamel coating. After use add a layer of hot water to the pan with a couple drop of detergent. Make sure the difference in temperature between the pan and the water isn’t too substantial! Wait fifteen minutes and remove any left-over food. Throw out the water and place the pan under a hot tap. Once again use a couple drops of detergent and scrub the pan clean with a brush.

Properly rinse the pan afterwards with hot water and dry it off. Now all you have to do is store it in a dry place in your closet and it is ready for its next adventure on your hob.

Caked proteins: the brown stains

Sometimes you come across stains you won’t be able to remove no matter how hard you try. For it you need to come up with something better. Why not try vinegar or lemon juice? A big splash of vinegar or lemon juice, if necessary, with a bit of hot water, added to the pan could solve all your problems. Simply let it soak for a while and scrub it afterwards. We guarantee that 9 out of 10 times the acid will win!