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Shot Show 2019: the CRKT Provoke, designed by Joe Caswell

The CRKT Provoke is a new and state-of-the-art karambit. Knivesandtools was honoured to talk about the Provoke with none other than the designer himself, Joe Caswell. This is not just any karambit as the Provoke is enhanced with the new ‘Kinematic’ technology!

CRKT Provoke designer, Joe Caswell

Let’s start with a small introductory round. Who is this Joe Caswell? Joe Caswell is a famous American knife maker known for his innovative ideas and top-quality handmade knives. Ever since 1995 Caswell has been a full-time knife maker with quite the fan base. Not that surprising really. When you look at his knives you will be amazed by the interesting mechanisms and remarkable designs. This cooperation with CRKT gives anyone the opportunity to get their hands on a real Caswell design!

The CRKT Provoke and the Kinematic technology

First things first, what is the Provoke made from? CRKT used D2 steel for the blade, a robust type of steel that retains its sharpness well. It is therefore also great to see that CRKT will use this type of steel a lot more in 2019. As some of you might already know, however, is that D2 is not the most corrosion resistant type of steel. Fortunately CRKT found the perfect solution for that! The blade has been enhanced with a titanium nitride finish to make sure the blade is extra corrosion resistant. This is not only incredibly clever, it makes the knife look incredibly bad-ass. The handle is made from aluminium and weighs next to nothing.

The best aspect of the CRKT Provoke is the Kinematic technology used to open the knife. Normally a karambit is a fixed or folding knife which closes. The Provoke is neither. The blade slides forward when opened. Incredibly innovative! But why select this mechanism in the first place? Considering the fact that no one can explain this mechanism better than the designer himself we made an exclusive video starring Joe Caswell and the Provoke. Enjoy!

Convinced yet? We hope to welcome the CRKT Provoke to our warehouse as soon as possible to make sure we can ship it to your home! In the meantime we will be posting a lot more topics about the 2019 Shot Show and the newest products. Stay Tuned!