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Demeyere pans: top quality from Belgium

Demeyere pans are being produced in Belgium since 1908. They are known for their drive to improve their products. The choose for a good bottom surface and overall make, next to specific features per pan to make it better suit its purpose. For instance some sauce pans have a seven layers thick material over the whole pan to make liquids heat more evenly. Not the easiest way to produce pans, but it is the best. Demeyere has been supplier for the Belgium royal family for quite some time, and this is for good reason!

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Research & development

Demeyere continues to improve their pans. They keep testing their pans for very specific purposes to see if still meets their requirements. If there is anything that can be improved, Demeyere will do it! They also give high priority to user-friendliness.

Material of the bottom surface of Demeyere pans

Demeyere uses different materials for several series. For instance, the Apollo series has 7 layers. The layer on the inside of the pan is 18/10 stainless steel. After this there is pure aluminum, an aluminum alloy, again aluminum and the bottom layer is made up of 3 stainless steel alloys. The so-called TriplInduc layer. Despite the high proportion of aluminum, these pans can be used on induction cooking plates. Also changing between different heat sources is no problem. The thickness of the bottom is changed to the desired purpose of the pan. For example, a wok pan has a thinner bottom surface so it can transfer a higher temperature and frying pans generally have a thicker bottom surface.


Demeyere offers a 30-year limited warranty on all its products at home and 10-year warranty professional use. This applies to all manufacturing defects. On products with a non-stick coating there is 5 years warranty for home use, not applicable for professional use. However, please note that this warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, misuse or abuse (included overheating). Also discolouration and scratches on the inside or outside of the stainless steel are not seen as manufacturing defects.

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 Demeyere Apollo Sauce pan 5,2 l, 24 cm

Type: Sauce pan, with lid Diameter: 24 cm Content: 5,2 liter

 Demeyere Apollo cooking pot, 20cm

Demeyere Apollo cooking pot, 20cm

 Demeyere Apollo Cooking pot 8,0 l, 24 cm

Type: Cooking pot, with lid
Diameter: 24 cm
Content: 8,0 liter

 Demeyere Apollo Stock pot 16,0 l, 30 cm

Type: Soup pan, with lid
Diameter: 30 cm
Content: 16,0 liter

 Demeyere Apollo conical Sauté pan 1,0 l, 16 cm

Type: Sauté pan
Diameter: 16 cm
Content: 1,0 liter

 Demeyere Apollo conical Sauté pan 1.5 l, 18 cm

Type: Sauté pan
Diameter: 18 cm
Content: 1,5 l

 Demeyere Resto Cooking pot 4,0 l, 20 cm

Type: Cooking pot, with lid
Diameter: 20 cm
Content: 4,0 liter

 Demeyere Resto Wok pan 6,0 l, 36 cm

Type: wok for wok burner
Diameter: 36 cm
Content: 6,0 liter

 Demeyere Resto Wok pan 8,5 l, 36 cm

Type: Wok pan
Diameter: 36 cm
Content: 8,5 liters

 Demeyere Apollo Sauce pan 4, 0 l, 22 cm

Type: Sauce pan, with lid Diameter: 22 cm Content: 4,0 liter

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