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Fiskars X5 vs X7

The Fiskars X5 and X7. Two very compact hand axes. Perfect during outdoor and trekking activities. But also perfect for use around the house. What do the two have in common? And what are the differences? And which of the two will suit you best? We've made this side-by-side comparison so you can find out.

Similarities between the Fiskars X5 and X7

FiberComp axe handle

Both axes are enhanced with a FiberComp axe handle. The fibreglass reinforced plastic handle is stronger than a handle that is merely made from wood. The FiberComp handle absorbs vibrations and increases the grip and comfort during use. The head of both axes is integrated in the handle.

Axe head with coating

Both axe heads are enhanced with a black, protective, smooth coating. This coating will not only protect the head from external influences. Like moisture. It also ensures that the head more easily slides through the wood.

Protective cover with lock

Both axes come with a plastic protective cover. In it you can safely store your axe. You can also use the cover to carry or hang the axe. Both protective covers are enhanced with a lock that ensures the axe won't fall out.

Differences between the Fiskars X5 and X7


Not surprising after seeing both axes! The main difference can be found in the size. The X5 has a total length of only 22.5 cm. The X7 has a total length of 35.5 cm. The axe heads are also slightly different. But not that much. The head of the X7 is half a cm longer and only a couple mm thicker.


As a result of the difference in size the X7 weighs a little more. The head of the X5 weighs 390 grams and that of the X7 weighs 470 grams.

Which of the two axes will suit you best?

This depends on what you will use the axe for. Because of the shorter handle the X5 is more suited for woodwork. Great when roughly chopping a piece of wood to make a wooden mug. Or to make kindling for a campfire. The handle of the X7 is a little longer for more leverage. As such the axe, in addition to making kindling, is also capable of splitting small pieces of wood. The slightly heavier axe head helps with this.

Now you might already think: 'Oh let's go with the X7, it can do much more'. But that is not entirely the right approach. Because of its size and because it weighs less, the X5 is easier to take with you during a hike. During which you find yourself in a different location every single day. It will easily fit inside every type of backpack. And let's say you want to build a campfire during a hike. You then often use gathered wood and won't split entire logs. That additional length and weight of the X7 is in those instances not necessary.

So if you go camping and are planning to stay in one place for a longer period of time.The X7 will be the better choice. It enables you to split smaller logs and cut down small trees. To build shelter, for instance, or create a bench or build a large campfire. Are you planning on using the axe around the house? Don't have to pay attention to weight? The X7 will also be the better choice.

So base your choice on the above-mentioned factors. Either way you put it: both axes are amazing. The price-quality is sublime and the FiberComp handle is amazing to work with.