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How to clean a stainless steel pan

Frying in a stainless steel pan without a non-stick layer needs gives a delicious crispy result. However, sometimes inadvertently you can take it a bit too far. A thick crust can form on the bottom surface which seems almost impossible to remove. Fortunately, we have a few tips for you!

Boil water inside a pan with some washing up liquid

As with all good pans, it needs to cool off before you can put in under the tap. If you let the cold water run directly on the hot pan, the steel will get a thermal shock which will not benefit the overall quality.

Then fill the pan halfway with hot water and add some washing up liquid. Put it on medium heat for a few minutes and let the water warm through. Boiling the water won’t be necessary, but it should be warm enough to take care of all the remainders stuck on the bottom. Using a brush will help you clear the surface entirely.

Using a stainless steel stainless steel-cleaner

When you are dealing with a seriously dirty pan, you need Fissler stainless steel cleaner. Empty the pan and spray a little cleaner on the bottom surface. Grab yourself a scouring pad and clean the pan with some hot water.

Please mind that after using the scouring pad, you can’t use it for any other purpose. You don’t want the abrasive in the cleaner to touch glassware for instance.

The stainless steel cleaner also works well for cleaning the outside and bottom of a pan. Just be careful with polished metals, because they can lose their shine a bit after using the cleaner.

The pan should be bright and clean, ready to enjoy new kitchen adventures!