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Shot Show 2019: the newest Kizer pocket knives

At the 2019 Shot Show we saw a lot of amazing stands. A brand that really stood out, however, was Kizer. The brand installed a beautiful light box with prints of their most popular pocket knives. The light from this box definitely highlighted all the new models they brought with them. This was great because we were curious to learn more! Our conclusion after the show? 2019 will be an amazing year for Kizer.

The Kizer Gemini 2.0: new handle materials!

Anyone who has heard of Kizer has also heard of the Gemini. An incredibly cool and affordable pocket knife made from top-quality materials, designed by Ray Laconico. Considering the popularity of the Gemini Kizer decided to introduce more versions of the handle. At the 2019 Shot Show they had three versions for us to admire. One with brown canvas micarta, one with carbon fibre and one with cross-cut carbon fibre. This means that the carbon fibre was cut out in such a way that you are left with a wood grain pattern, instead of the standard woven pattern. Which will it be? That is not 100% certain yet. Very exciting! All three are stunning.

Kizer Gemini's

The Kizer Yorkie

Another cooperation with Ray Laconico is the new Kizer Yorkie. A fun and small pocket knife with a blade length of approximately 6.5 cm. Kizer selected CPM S35VN steel for this pocket knife. A good type of steel that won't let you down. The handle is made from titanium and enhanced with a decorative round cut-out. Because of its size this knife will only weigh 83 grams. Combine all specs and you will quickly realize that this is a perfect pocket knife for daily use! We expect to be able to sell the Yorkie in two colours. The grey version with a cut-out in the handle, and a blue anodized version without the hole.

Kizer Yorkie

The Kizer Söze

The successful cooperations with Elijah Isham, one of the most trending knife designers at the moment, are piling up. As such we were elated when we saw the Kizer Söze. Once again Elijah Isham was able to introduce a tough and unique design. This, combined with Kizers production quality, has left the brand with an impressive result. To clarify: the Söze has, despite its dagger-like design, only one edge. This makes this knife legal to carry with you in most European countries.

Kizer Söze

The Kizer Microlith

The Kizer Microlith is, just like the Yorkie, an awesome small EDC pocket knife. The Microlith was designed by Nick Swan, another designer Kizer loves to work with. Nick, for instance, has designed the Matanza which was very well received in the knife world. It is therefore not that surprising the two decided to work together another time. Despite its size the Microlith is easy to hold. It is, amongst others, the result of the two royal finger grooves that make sure the knife doesn't slip from your hand. Two versions of the Kizer Microlith are available. One version has a titanium handle and a framelock, and the other a cross-cut carbon fibre handle with a liner lock.

Kizer Microlith

A table filled with new models

We 'only' discussed three models in this article. There are, however, many more! For that reason we made a video in which we shortly introduce all knives. Kizer will introduce a lot of a new models this year. Chances are you will definitely find one you love!