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Spotlight: Leatherman Charge+ TTi multi-tool

The Leatherman Charge+ TTi is a multi-tool that seamlessly combines versatility with durability. Crafted from top-tier materials and engineered with precision, this multi-tool is a big hit among DIYers and outdoor enthusiasts.

History of Leatherman

When the American Timothy Leatherman went travelling around Europe with his girlfriend in the 1980s, they bought a Fiat 500 in the Netherlands. During this trip, Leatherman regularly used his pocket knife to make repairs to the car. He noticed that he would also like to have a full-sized pair of pliers at hand for some tasks. This is how the idea was born to combine a pair of pliers with a pocket knife, creating a multi-tool with a pair of pliers as its main tool. Back in the US, Timothy immediately started working on a prototype, which took 3 years.

By 1983, Timothy Leatherman released his first multi-tool: the Leatherman PST (Pocket Survival Tool). This was the first multi-tool built around a full-sized pair of pliers. This marked the beginning of what would later grow into a successful and iconic brand. The PST was followed by dozens of models, including the Charge+ TTi, with improved designs and more features every time. Even after all these years, this is still one of Leatherman's best designs.

This is one of Leatherman's most reliable and versatile multi-tools. Based on the 2004 Leatherman Charge Ti, this multi-tool was developed for heavy-duty use and everyday use alike. Perfect for those who need to be able to rely on their multi-tool. In contrast to the Charge Ti, the Charge+ TTi's now features replaceable wire cutters, taking its durability to a level beyond what the previous model provided.

In addition to functionality, Leatherman also values multi-tools that are easy to carry with you. After all, what good is a tool if you can't carry it with you in case you need it? The Charge+ TTi is small enough to carry in your pocket, but if your pockets are already full you could also attach the included sheath to your belt.

The Charge+ TTi has a versatile combination of tools with the option to use different bits for various screw heads. In total, the Charge+ has 19 functions, each of which locks in place when you're using it. The four tools you will need most often are easily accessible from the outside of the multi-tool. You can easily access the two blades, the wood/metal file and the wood saw. Both blades can be opened one-handed, which is great when you only have one spare hand.


To access the pliers on your Leatherman, you need to fold open the 2 handles. The jaws are enhanced with small serrations that offer you additional grip. The tip is small enough for precise work, such as bending fish hooks or removing splinters. The back of the jaws are rounded to make sure you can easily move around in narrow spaces and bend the wire. The pair of pliers is enhanced with an interchangeable wire cutter. This allows you to sharpen the edges separately or to replace them, improving the multi-tools durability. The wire cutter is also great for cutting small sticks and stems. Good pliers come in handy more often than you might think!

Plain-edge blade

The Leatherman Charge Plus TTi is one of the few multi-tools enhanced with a blade made from CPM S30V steel. This is a premium type of powder steel, which means that the steel has a very fine structure. This means that the knife retains its sharpness longer compared to other Leatherman models. This type of steel is also easy to sharpen. This blade has a droppoint shape. The shape of the blade is suitable for all kinds of cutting tasks. You open the blade one-handed from the outside of the tool with the thumb hole. The sharpened length of the blade is about 7 cm and because the blade is only 2.5 mm thick, it cuts really efficiently.

Knife with serrated blade

This blade with serrated edge is made from 420HC stainless steel, and has a strong tip thanks to the 'sheepsfoot' blade. This means that the blade isn't very pointed, so the edge is supported by the spine of the blade. This blade shape is great when opening boxes, and the serrations help too! In addition, the serrated edge is great for cutting high-fibre materials, like rope, paracord or seatbelts. The sharpened length of the blade is about 7.5 cm, and 2.5 mm thick on the spine.

Wood saw

The solid teeth cover approximately 6.5 cm of the saw blade, meaning it's suitable for branches up to 4 cm. The spine is approx. 1 mm thick and the serrations are 1.2 mm thick. Because the spine is smaller than the teeth, the saw won't get stuck in the wood, and it limits friction. In addition to fresh wood, this saw can handle pallets and shelves. When gardening and working around the house the Charge+ is a true life-saver!

Wood/metal file

The file has two sides: one for metal and one for wood. One side features a diamond coating, so you can use this side to sharpen an axe when you're on the road. Due to its abrasive nature, however, it's not as suitable for sharpening knives. The other side features a metal file, very suitable for removing burrs from steel, for example.

To access the other tools, you need to fold open your Leatherman. When you open the Leatherman handle parts, you have immediate access to full-sized combined pliers.

Bitdriver with interchangeable bits

With this bit set you will always have a matching screw head for the task at hand. This bit driver matches with all Leatherman bits from the bit kit. The bits included are the 7-piece double-sided bits in holder; (Slot 1/8 and 3/32)(Pozidriv 1 & 2)(Torx 10 & 15, 20 & 25)(Allen 1.5 & 2 mm, 2.5 & 3 mm, 4 & 5 mm). These are contained in a bit holder that can be neatly stored in the included sheath. The Leatherman Bit Driver Extender makes the bit driver also suitable for well-known, standard hex-bits! These are not included.


This is a small pair of scissors that will bounce back to its open position during use. Despite its small size, it is powerful enough to cut through thick paper, or use it for other small cutting tasks.

Small screwdriver

In addition to the Bitdriver, the Charge+ TTi also has a small screwdriver that you can use to tighten the screw of your glasses, for example. The bit is reversible with a Phillips head and a flat side.

Flathead screwdriver

The multi-tool also features a flathead screwdriver. It's relatively large and can be used as a screwdriver or to pry open cans of paint.

Can opener

It might be a bit outdated, now that most cans have a lid. But imagine you're in the woods, you're hungry and your can doesn't have that convenient lid. This tool allows you to open the can without sacrificing your precious knife to do so. The surface of the can opener also has a sharp V-shaped recess for stripping electrical wire.

Ruler and crimping pliers

In open position, you will find a ruler with a length of 19 centimetres or 7.5 inches. And below the pivot point, you will find another spot that you can use as a crimping tool. Very practical if you need to fix your car's electrics on the go.

Leatherman Charge+ TTi sheath

With this strong sheath you can easily attach the Charge+ to your belt. It is closed with a strong press-stud and made from a strong ballistic nylon. The sides are slightly stretchy, so the tool remains firmly in place when not in use. Should you prefer to carry the Charge+ TTi in your pocket, you can get the Leatherman pocket clip & lanyard eye to make it easier.

Leatherman warranty: 25 years

Leatherman is dedicated to making multi-tools you can rely on. Besides making reliable tools, Leatherman gives a 25-year warranty on product and material errors. No questions asked! To make repairing your multi-tool possible, Leatherman placed screws at the pivot points. Please note: this should only be maintained by Leatherman.

In short: the Charge TTi+ is a cool multi-tool with lots of features that will get any job done! So make sure to include this multi-tool in your consideration when looking for a multi-tool!