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How to make the most of your Leatherman Charge!

So you own the Leatherman Charge or are planning to purchase one. Great! Good choice! But how do you make the most of your multi-tool? Which accessories are indispensable and did you know there are hidden functions on the Leatherman Charge? We will show them all.

Leatherman Charge Plus vs Charge vs TTi

This article discusses the Leatherman Charge, so that immediately leads us to the following question: what about the Charge TTi, ALX and the plus models?

Fortunately these tools are not that different from each other when we are talking about these tips. The Charge Plus is enhanced with interchangeable wire cutters to make sure you can change or sharpen them when they are blunt. Other than that the functions and the size are not that important for the tips in this article. So we simply talk about the Charge.

Must-have accessories for the Leatherman Charge

You make the most of your Leatherman Charge with the right accessories. It is what Leatherman truly excels at. You can divide the different accessories in a number of categories: screw accessories, sheaths and spare parts.

Screw accessories for the Leatherman Charge

The standard Leatherman Charge (Plus) is enhanced with a medium flat screwdriver, a large bit holder and a small bit holder. The small screw bit from the small bit holder is the part of the Leatherman Charge that breaks off most often or gets lost. Fortunately this Miniature screwdriver for, amongst others, the Leatherman Charge can individually be purchased.

The large bit holder contains a two-sided bit with a philips head side and a flat head screwdriver. You can purchase this bit separately. However, the thing that makes the Leatherman Charge truly versatile is the Leatherman Bit Kit. This kit contains 21 double-sided bits in many different shapes and sizes. Flat head, philips head, PoziDriv, Torx, Allen and Robinson in many different sizes. One of these bits is the mini screwdriver mentioned before. All bits are placed in two practical plastic holders. We think it is a great idea to compile one strip with the bits you use most often and carry it with your Leatherman in the sheath. As such the whole remains compact.

An absolutely indispensable accessory is the Leatherman Bit Driver Extender. With it you make your screwdriver even more versatile. Normally the bit driver has the disadvantage that you use the thick, large tool as the handle. As such it can sometimes be difficult to reach difficult-to-reach places. The Bit Driver Extender is then a great solution. You simply stick it in the bit holder and all of a sudden you have 8 centimetres more reach, like you do with a 'normal' screwdriver. Another advantage is that in the Bit Driver Extender you cannot only use flat head Leatherman bits, regular 6 mm bits, the ones that are also sold in the hardware store, also fit inside this practical accessory. This opens up a lot of new possibilities.

Another great accessory is the Leatherman Ratchet Driver. It fits every Leatherman with a bit driver. It works like a ratchet, allowing you to tighten a screw with more torque but less effort. The Ratchet Driver is adjustable to turn both left and right, but can also be locked so that it works as a regular screwdriver. It works with Leatherman bits, but can also connect with standard 6 mm bits. Perfect!

Sheaths and other carrying options

Your Leatherman Charge won't be able to help you out if you don't carry it with you. That is why a good sheath is indispensable. There are a number of sheaths you can purchase for the Leatherman Charge. Our favourite? The Leatherman Nylon 4 Pockets medium sheath. It is namely a little bigger. This means that you also have enough room for one strip of the Bit Kit. With the extra loops on the side you can also store the Bit Driver Extender and a small flashlight or pen in the sheath.

Spare parts for the Leatherman Charge (Plus)

For the Leatherman Charge mainly the screw bits and sheath are subject to loss and wear and tear. We already discussed these parts above. The tool that is left is the wire cutter from the Leatherman Charge Plus. This version of the Charge is namely enhanced with interchangeable wire cutters. This means that you can sharpen them if need be. In our range you will also find new wire cutters for the Leatherman Charge Plus. It comes with a torx key to make sure you can immediately change them.

Tips & Tricks for the Leatherman Charge

Our most important tip for everyone who owns a Leatherman Charge is the following: keep it nice and clean, add oil in time and make sure it stays sharp. By maintaining it properly you will enjoy your Leatherman Charge the longest. Without this tip all other tips and forms of advice are useless.

The hidden lanyard eye

You might have heard of it before, but we also know people who have been using the Charge for five years without ever noticing it. The Leatherman Charge contains a hidden lanyard eye. You need a hard tool to push it out. We used the screw bit from the bit holder.

You will find it at the protrusion on the outside, exactly where you can push out the saw or file. Open the saw and you will be able to see the flat eye. With a little bit of effort you can push it out, leaving you with a lanyard eye. Practical to hang the multi-tool from a chain, or enhance it with a lanyard.

Use the serrated knife

It might sound obvious, but we notice that a lot of people do not know why the Leatherman Surge is enhanced with a serrated knife. You can use the serrated knife for high-fibre materials. Think of rope and cardboard. Especially for cardboard this type of knife is great. What a lot of people don't know is that cardboard contains a lot of additives that are disastrous for the sharpness of your knife. The thought: 'cardboard is basically paper, so a knife can handle it', therefore couldn't be farther from the truth. It often contains, for instance, silicic acid. This is a binding agent made from sand. This material could really affect the sharpness of your edge.

That is why you should always use the serrated blade for those types of 'bad' materials. As such you save the normal blade for the more precise tasks. You can sharpen the serrations yourself with our Skerper sharpening pen.

Use the cutting hook

You often use the knife when you need to cut something. Makes sense! However, in many cases you can just as easily use the cutting hook. Think, for instance, of cutting tie-rips. Especially when they are wired around cables it isn't a good idea to use a knife. The cutting hook could then be a great solution. You hook it in between and immediately cut through the tie-rip.

You can also use the Skerper sharpening pen to sharpen the cutting hook.


We hope this gives you some new ideas on how to make the most of your Leatherman Charge. Take good care of your Leatherman. If you do it will always return the favour. Check out our top 5 accessories for your Leatherman Charge below.