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Line-up: meat lovers

Are you a meat lover? If so, only use a razor-sharp knife when cutting raw and cooked meat. As such prevent the knife from tearing as you try to cut it. That is why this line-up only contains razor-sharp knives with a handle that feels amazing in hand, to make sure you have enough grip. To finish the whole, a set of stunning steak knives to enjoy the wonderful meat you prepared. After all, with a good knife you can enjoy a delicious piece of meat to its full extent.

Wüsthof Classic butcher's knife

The blade of this Wüsthof Classic butcher's knife is unique thanks to its shape. Because of the wavy blade this knife is perfect when cutting, trimming, skinning and portioning different types of meat. And because of the dimples in the blade the meat won't stick to the blade. It is for a reason that Wüsthof chose this knife as 'Knife of the Year 2020'!

Zwilling Four star sausage knife

A sausage knife is enhanced with a serrated blade to easily cut through hard sausages like, for instance, salami. This Zwilling Four Star sausage knife has been produced ever since 1976 and has not undergone any changes since then. Simply because, according to Zwilling, there is nothing to improve. Indispensable for any meat lover. PS. you can also use this knife to easily cut through tomatoes.

Eden Classic Damast chef's knife

The Eden Classic Damast chef's knife is an absolute must-have in every kitchen, so also in the kitchen of anyone who loves a great piece of meat. You can cut basically anything with this knife. Cutting meat, for instance, is a piece of cake. Just like cutting vegetables, fish, herbs and fruit. But also finely chopping herbs, crushing pepper corns and peeling cloves of garlic is easy with this all-rounder. The edge of this Eden Classic Damast chef's knife is namely razor-sharp and can also easily be sharpened. The hard core is namely surrounded by multiple layers of graceful damasteel. Because of this combination this kitchen knife is not only incredibly functional, it is also a real eye catcher.

Victorinox Fibrox cleaver

For most carving knives cutting through bones and tendons is not a good idea. You will damage the knife and it will become blunt. That is when the Victorinox Fibrox cleaver will come in handy. With this cleaver cutting through meat with bones like spareribs will be a piece of cake. To make sure it won't break the blade is thicker than other carving knives. The handle is made from Fibrox. It has the qualities of rubber, but it is processed like plastic. As such Fibrox is quite stiff. The main advantage is that even if your hands are wet or if you are wearing gloves you don't have to worry about the knife slipping from your hands. The solid design ensures that food, mould or other dirt does not stand a chance. A real must-have! 

Fontenille Pataud six-piece steak knife set 

Once you have prepared the perfect piece of meat you want to enjoy it to its full extent. This is possible with this stunning Fontenille Pataud steak knife set. Six unique, amazing knives. Each made by hand and each with a handle made from a different type of wood. Even the embellishment on the spine of the blade was filed by hand. With this steak knives you will want to invite guests over every day!

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Wüsthof 7288-1 wooden cutting board, 40x30 cm Type: beech cutting board; Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 5 cm; Weight: 4200 grams.
£ 52,50

In stock

27 review(s)
Zwilling 31070-130 Four Star Sausage knife Blade length: 13.0 cm Total length: 23.2 cm Weight: 54 grams
£ 36,45 £ 36,50

In stock

425 review(s)
Eden Classic Damast chef's knife 20 cm Blade length: 20 cm; Blade height: 4.5 cm; Weight: 240 grams
£ 64,95

In stock

2 review(s)
6-pc Fontenille Pataud assorted steak knives High quality Laguiole steak knives. Length 9 inch, 90 grams, Z40C13 stainless steel .
£ 347,00

In stock

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Victorinox Fibrox chopping knife 18 cm 5.4003.18 Blade length: 18,0 cm Total length: 30,5 cm Weight: 219 gram
£ 44,95

In stock

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Wüsthof Classic butchers knife 20 cm Traditional butcher's knife. Blade length: 20 cm
£ 109,00

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