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MagLED: Maglite torches with LED lights

The famous Maglite torches can now also be bought in LED-versions. This is the so-called MagLED-series. The biggest advantage of this upgrade to LED is the fact that they use less energy than bulbs.

This means your batteries will last you a lot longer. Besides, you never have to worry again about replacing the bulb, as a regular LED lasts you 50,000 hours. If you include the fact that these new LED's guarantee a higher light output than the bulbs which were used in the old Maglites, then you will understand that MagLED is a massive leap forward.

The developers of the popular Maglites have chosen to equip a part of their famous collection with LED's. Both the famous Maglite D- and C-cell torches, but also the Maglite Mini and Solitaires. This classic collection has been extended with a few completely new models, with new features and settings. Also internally, these iconic torches have been drastically improved. Of course, you can still rely on the sublime quality which Maglite is known for.