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How do you maintain your saw?

Of course you want to make sure your saw will last a lifetime. That is why maintenance is important. Maintaining your saw isn't difficult or a lot of work, but your saw does need a little TLC.

Keep the blade clean

You need to make sure the blade stays clean, otherwise it will lose its function. Olive oil is an effective, environmentally-friendly way to clean the blade. Resin dissolves in olive oil and will therefore disappear if you use it to clean the saw blade. Another advantage: chances are you already have it at home! You can also use more aggressive detergents, but these will affect the material of the handle.

Store it in a dry place

Take good care of your saw, even if you don't use it. Properly dry it, put it in the holster and store it somewhere dry. Moisture can cause rust. Quite a shame really.

Replacing the saw blade

If you notice that the blade is blunt, it is time to replace it. Most saw blades are easy to replace to make sure you don't have to purchase a new saw. That is why you should first check to see if this is possible for your saw! Check out all replacement saw blades here.

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