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New Böker knives for 2021

In the spring of 2021 Böker will once again release a massive amount of new knives. Cool traditionals that were made in Solingen, Germany. And affordable options from Asia in the Plus collection. We made a list of our favourite knives.

Böker Manufaktur: traditionals from Solingen

We are happy Böker will continue to expand the successful line of, in Solingen produced, traditionals. Our favourite is the Böker Barlow. It is for a reason we had a Knivesandtools Exclusive made of this exact knife. This year Böker has also introduced a couple cool Barlows. In the image listed above you, for instance, see the Böker Barlow Integrals. With micarta liners and bolsters from one piece. As such the total weight has been reduced with another 20 grams. These knives only weigh 30 grams! Modern, but still traditional.

Böker Barlow Leopard

Another cool Barlow is the one depicted in the image below. A super premium option with integral micarta bolster, desert ironwood handle and a blade made from Leopard damascus. This damascus steel was forged from the barrel of a Leopard tank by Chad Nichols. Very cool!

Böker Barlow Leopard 100501DAM

Böker Swell-End

A new model is the Böker Swell-End. A cool traditional with a type of Jack-knife pattern. With a knife and a bottle opener. It is all you need to enjoy a beer and a nice snack. The versions in the image below are enhanced with a handle made from green Curly Birch and one from acrylic that looks like horn. A cool model and a nice addition for any slipjoint collector.

Böker Swell-End 111916 & 112916

Böker Sherman

The Böker Sherman 110662DAM also comes with quite the story. The blade of this knife is made from damascus steel that was forged from a Sherman tank. Famous ever since the Second World War. A cooperation with the Americans in Wartime Museum in the United States. They supply parts of this tank, which, during restoration, became redundant. Damascus smith Chad Nichols used these pieces of steel and turned it into damascus. With a wavy pattern that might remind you of the tracks left by the Sherman tank. A part of the proceeds from the sale of this knife will be donated to the Americans in Wartime Museum.

Böker Sherman 110662DAM

Other noteworthy Böker Manufaktur knives

And then there are many other knives made in Solingen. For instance, Böker produced a number of knives that were inspired by famous weapons from the Second World War. A pocket knife in the style of the Mauser K98k: the Böker 98K 110715DAM. And a dagger in the style of the Luger P08: the Böker P08 121515DAM. And, of course, many other knives.

Böker Plus Collection 2021 Rexford 01BO2021

Of course there is also a cool new Limited Edition for 2021 in the Böker Plus Collection. This year the honour goes to Todd Rexford who designed a really cool pocket knife. The doppler-like jimping on the spine of the blade is very characterizing. And the excellent ergonomics, of course. There were no compromises made in terms of materials: Böhler M390, titanium and marbled carbon fibre. A more than excellent knife, numbered and only produced a limited amount of times

Böker Plus Collection 2021, Todd Rexford design

Böker Plus Kwaiken Air

This year Böker also introduces a couple new versions of the popular Böker Plus Kwaiken: the Böker Plus Kwaiken Air! A new version of this popular Lucas Burnley design. By making some parts a little thinner the whole remained nice and light-weight. As such the Cocobolo version only weighs 60 grams!

Böker Plus Cataclyst

Another new model that stood out was the Böker Plus Cataclyst 01BO640. A titanium framelock flipper with a blade made from D2. The design is nice and sleek and because of the ball bearings it will move smoothly. A great design we are definitely looking forward to.

Böker Cataclyst 01BO640

But there is more!

These are only a couple of the dozens of new models that are on their way. The ones that stood out from the crowd. We expect them to arrive in the first half of 2021. As soon as they have arrived you will find them on our Böker knives page. Which model are you looking forward to?