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New Kershaw 2021 knives: nothing but innovation

Large knife shows such as the Shot Show were cancelled. That is why, this year, many product launches are hosted online. Like the one from Kershaw. We see many new, innovative models. Like the Kershaw Platform with integrated nail clippers in the handle. Or the Kershaw Drivetrain, with a seatbelt cutter that folds out of the handle. There is something for everyone. We also see a lot of pocket knives enhanced with D2 steel. A strong type of steel that is often used on much more expensive knives. So very promising!

This year Kershaw focuses a lot on in-house designs. These are designs they come up with themselves. They can be recognized by this crescent shaped logo:

Kershaw Platform 2090 slipjoint with nail clippers

We already mentioned it in the introduction: the Kershaw Platform 2090! An innovative slip-joint pocket knife with nail clippers in the handle. Yes, you read that right. These nail clippers are nicely placed inside the steel scale. The beak of the cutter is placed at the end of the scale and you open it by opening the two tabs in the scale. One of these tabs functions as a lever, the other as a nail file. Great if you want to trim your nails. These clippers cannot only be used on nails. It can also handle tie-rips!

Kershaw Drivetrain 8655 with seatbelt cutter

The Kershaw Drivetrain 8655 is a robust EDC knife which can also be used as a rescue knife. This knife is namely enhanced with a seat belt cutter which is integrated in the handle. When opened it is precisely in line with the spine of the handle. As such cutting through a seatbelt or piece of paracord will be a piece of cake! The blade is made from D2 steel.

Kershaw Highball XL 7020

The Kershaw Highball XL is a larger version of the popular Highball. The D2 steel blade is 8.5 cm long and hinges nicely in the handle because of the addition of ball bearings. A nice detail is the blue-anodized steel plate at the framelock. It prevents your fingers from pressing on the framelock which makes opening the knife a lot more difficult. Clever and also stylish!

Kershaw Nacho 8852 bottle opener

Something completely different: the Kershaw Nacho 8852! This is a compact bottle opener to accompany your keys. Because of its size this tool will never get in the way when you are looking for the right key.

Kershaw Terran 2080

The Kershaw Terran 2080 is a cool and slim EDC knife. Enhanced with the famous SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism. With it the knife will shoot from the handle to make sure you can quickly get to work. Because of the steel scales the Terran feels very solid and can definitely handle its own.

Kershaw Turismo 5505

The Kershaw Turismo is perfect for anyone who prefers a small EDC knife. When opened it is only 17 cm long. The steel handle is enhanced with a black coating which nicely accentuates the elegant D2 steel blade. A nice detail is that once opened you notice that the flipper is hidden in the handle.

Kershaw Collateral 5500

The Kershaw Collateral 5500 is the big brother of the Turismo. Just like with the Turismo the flipper is hidden in the handle when you open the knife. The blade of this knife is also made from D2 steel. Striking is the unique, almost futuristic design of the Collateral. Kershaw did whatever they could to put the focus on the design. The carbon fibre inlay doesn't only look amazing, it also hides the pivot. As such your eyes can only pay attention to the stunning design of this knife.

Kershaw Brace 2085 fixed knife

This is for anyone who loves fixed EDC knives: brace yourself! The Kershaw Brace 2085 is a practical knife for daily use. Carry the Brace around your neck with the cord or attach it to your belt with an UltiClip. The scales are secured with screws to make sure you can easily remove them. Cool if you wish to enhance the handle of the Brace with a paracord wrap!

Kershaw Tremolo 1390

The Kershaw Tremolo 1390 is a cool pocket knife. The handle with the grey inlays looks very cool. These are enhanced with decorative, milled out lines. This knife is also enhanced with the popular SpeedSafe assisted openings mechanism. The pocket clip is interchangeable. Great if you are a left-handed user!

Kershaw Analyst 2062ST

The Kershaw Analyst 2062ST is made to be used. The tanto-style blade is perfect for penetrating tasks and the serrations are ideal when cutting through rugged materials. Like plastic or cardboard. The handle is enhanced with milled lines and a texture for enough grip.

Kershaw Strata 2076

The Kershaw Strata 2076 is one of the most unique knives in this line-up. The design was inspired by the old, Spanish Navaja knives. The Strata is a modern version of these classics. Stylish! Despite the larger size you can comfortably carry the knife with the deep-carry pocket clip. A bronze-anodized inlay was added to the G10 handle. The blade is made from D2 steel.

Kershaw Endgame 2095

The Kershaw Endgame 2095 is an incredibly versatile knife. The handle is comprised of steel, G10 and bronze-coloured anodized scales. Kershaw, however, didn't leave it at that. Cut-outs in the handle reinforce the design and ensure that the knife weighs even less. You open the D2 steel blade with the flipper. The pocket clip is interchangeable and therefore also perfect for left-handed use. To prevent an empty hole in the handle Kershaw came up with a clever solution: a bronze-coloured insert to fill the whole. All to make sure the knife maintains its artistic design!

Kershaw Bracket XL 3455

The Kershaw Bracket XL 3455 is a larger version of the Kershaw Static. Like the Static the Bracket XL is enhanced with a robust cleaver-style blade. You can quickly tell that the Bracket XL was made for heavy-use. The blade, however, does contain a finger groove in the front for the more detailed tasks. The handle is made from G10 and enhanced with a decorative inlay.

Kershaw Taskmaster 2 2556 saw

Last, but not least: the Kershaw Taskmaster 2 2556. This is a foldable saw. It is an improved version of the original Taskmaster. Kershaw, for instance, removed the finger grooves for a more modern look and feel. And yet you still have enough grip because of the cleverly placed rubber scales. The Taskmaster 2 is perfect for anyone looking for a compact saw. When working in the garden or when you go camping. The Taskmaster is truly a valuable addition to your gear!

We hope to quickly add all these Kershaw knives to our range!

In the meantime, why not check out all Kershaw knives here.

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