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The Offensive Weapons Bill

As some of you might have heard, the government has published the Offensive Weapons Bill on June 20th 2018. It was the first measure taken to create a new act. Anything written in this bill will be law if the act is passed. This means that change might be on its way. Not only change in terms of how you carry and purchase knives, but also how we, as an online knife web shop, work.

The bill itself is comprised of clauses related to the possessing and selling of corrosive substances, bladed articles and certain firearms listed as ‘prohibited weapons’. While the corrosive substances and firearms might not apply to Knivesandtools, the bladed articles aspect does.

It, however, doesn’t only concern the possessing and selling of bladed articles – an article which is or has a blade and is capable of causing serious injuries to a person – it also includes restrictions on deliveries to home addresses, which will also be the most fundamental change that could occur if this bill were to become law.

As of now we’re looking at a ban on the delivery of knives to residential addresses. This means that your new kitchen knife set will no longer be delivered to your front door and that you cannot await the delivery of your new prized pocket knife by the postman. As a solution, however, we will make it possible for you to choose a pick-up point to collect your new prized possession. All you have to do is simply identify yourself as an adult and you are the new owner of an amazing product! This process might take away some of the postman’s shine in delivering your new knife, but it will save you time staying in waiting for him.

Even though things are still uncertain we know one thing for sure: we will get through this! Every single day we go above and beyond to make sure you receive the best products and service. No matter what happens, we will do whatever necessary to make sure that will not change.

If anything changes you will, of course, be the first to know!

Curious to learn more? Why not check out the Bill and the Explanatory Notes!

Have a Knives day!