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Paracord 550 Mil-Spec

Military Spec Paracord, or MIL-C-5040 Paracord adheres to the standards set by the army and is, as such, mostly used by soldiers and police units. This nylon cord is comprised of a core of seven thin strands, of which the core strand is comprised of three layers of twisted strands. The whole is a little more tightly bound than normal paracord, but also more flexible in use.

How do you recognize Paracord 550 Mil Spec?

Paracord 550 Mil-spec paracord can be recognized by a special colour marker in the core of the cord. As such you can distinguish this type of paracord from normal paracord. In our range you will mostly find different types of green paracord 550 Mil Spec. This camouflage colour will come in handy during many different outdoor situations.

Knivesandtools paracord 550 Mil Spec: American quality for a low price

We had our own paracord 550 Mil Spec developed: Knivesandtools Paracord. Did you know that you can purchase incredibly affordable U.S. Made paracord at Knivesandtools? We purchase our paracord directly from a U.S. Government Contractor which means you benefit from great prices. We ship the paracord at low shipping costs and deliver quickly.