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Spyderco replaces the CPM S30V steel from the Paramilitary 2 and Para 3 for CPM S45VN steel

Spyderco values their C.Q.I.: Constant Quality Improvement. This literally means they constantly improve existing Spyderco knives. Often small adjustments that are barely visible. This time the change is a little more substantial: Spyderco replaces the famous CPM S30V steel from the Paramilitary 2 and Para 3 for the new CPM S45VN steel.

CPM S45VN steel vs CPM S30V and CPM S35VN

It is quite a substantial change on a production scale. But the differences between these types of steel is not that substantial at all. CPM S45VN steel is a little stronger and more corrosion resistant than S30V. With similar sharpness retention. Compared to S35VN, S45VN retains its sharpness better and the steel is more corrosion resistant.

Step by step

This upgrade is done step by step per version of the Paramilitary 2 and Para 3. We change the specs as soon as the model is updated as well. As such you will always be the first to know! It is unclear what this means for all other Spyderco knives enhanced with CPM S30V steel.

I own a knife enhanced with CPM S30V steel. Now what?

This doesn't mean that your favourite CPM S30V steel knife has become outdated! In fact: it means that your knife has become even more unique! The difference is hardly visible without comparing both types of steel at the same time. It is simply a logical step within Spyderco's famous C.Q.I.

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