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Spyderco Reveal Volume 7: Spyderco Paramilitary 2 CPM CruWear Micarta and more

Spyderco Reveal 7! In this online reveal Spyderco introduces the newest knives for the coming year. This time Spyderco once again makes the hearts of many knife fans skip a beat with amazing new products. Take the Para Military 2 with CPM CruWear steel and micarta scales, for instance. Or the UK Penknife Salt with LC200N steel.

Spyderco Paramilitary 2 CPM CruWear Micarta C81MCW2

You probably already saw it in the title. This year the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 was given an upgrade. One with stunning, brown micarta and CPM CruWear steel! A tool steel that is known for its exceptional strength. The good thing? This is not a Sprint Run! So a regular production knife and available to all. Do, however, be quick! This is one of the real highlights for 2021.

We cannot say for sure when this Paramilitary 2 will be added to our range. So keep an eye out for our website or subscribe to our Have a Knives Day newsletter and stay informed!

Spyderco Viele Phoenix Red Sprint Run C114GRD

Spyderco collector's pay attention for the following! This is a must-have for your collection. The Phoenix is an old model, designed by Howard Viele. This knife is one of Spyderco's first cooperations with a knife maker. Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes Spyderco has revived this knife with this unique Sprint Run. This knife is enhanced with the patented Ball Bearing Locking mechanism. And stunning red G10 scales and a VG-10 blade enhanced with a hollow grind. This knife doesn't only look great, it is made to be used.

Spyderco UK Penknife Salt LC200N Slipit C94YL

The UK Penknife will be the perfect EDC slipjoint for many enthusiasts. Compact and legal in many countries. It is for a reason that this is a classic in the Spyderco range. Just like the Salt collection. A collection of stainless steel knives made for use on or near the water. As such the new UK Penknife Salt is the best of both worlds! This knife is enhanced with top-quality, and of course stainless, LC200N steel.

Spyderco Lil’ Native Slipjoint C230NLG

Despite the fact that the UK Penknife is a classic it will have some competition in 2021. The Lil' Native with a slipjoint lock! Because of this lock the knife, compared to other knives from the Lil' Native collection, is legal almost everywhere.

Spyderco Roadie Olive Green C189PGR and Roadie Brown C189PBN

Another couple slipjoints. This year we also see different colours of the Spyderco Roadie. The Roadie in olive and the Roadie in brown. Two remarkable colours which give these knives a vintage look and feel. This Spyderco knife is great for anyone who prefers a smaller knife or is looking for a larger keychain pocket knife.

Spyderco Yojumbo Black C253GBBK

The Yojumubo was also updated. Meet the Yojumubo Black. This version is enhanced with a tough DLC coating. Great if you are looking for a pocket knife for tactical purposes.

Spyderco Dragonly Pink C28FPNS30V2 and Dragonfly Pink Black C28FPNS30VBK2

Like the Delica 4 from Reveal 6 the Dragonfly 2 is now also available in pink. With a grey blade and a black blade. Both versions are enhanced with premium CPM S30V steel. This pink version of the Spyderco Dragonfly is part of Spyderco's campaign to raise money for women fighting cancer. A part of the proceeds will be donated to various charities.

Spyderco Salt 2 Green LC200N Wharncliffe C88FWCGR2 and Salt 2 Green LC200N C88FGR2

The Salt 2 is an improved version of the old Salt. The handle might look familiar. It is almost identical to that of the Delica and therefore a lot less angular than its predecessor. Spyderco enhanced all steel parts that can rust with a black coating. These new, green versions of the Pacific Salt 2 are enhanced with a LC200N steel blade. The Salt 2 collection is comprised of four versions with different blade shapes. Amongst which a version with a super functional wharncliffe.

Spyderco Lightweight K390 knives: new versions

Like in the previous Reveals we see an expansion of the Spyderco Lightweight collection with K390 steel. This is a tool steel that contains a lot of carbon and vanadium. As such K390 is wear and tear resistant and retains its sharpness well. These knives can be recognized by their dark blue handle. Below a couple of these new knives.

We hope to quickly add all these knives from the Spyderco Reveal Volume 7 to our range!

In the meantime, why not check out all Spyderco knives here.

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