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Bark River Bravo 1.2 S35VN, Desert Ironwood, brown sheath

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SKU: BRK07-135DIW1

This product is no longer available

Full description

The Bark River Bravo 1.2 was designed for (para)military use, specifically for the U.S. Marine Corps. Soon, however, it became evident that this knife was capable of a whole lot more. Today the Bravo 1 is a beloved knife amongst bushcraft enthusiasts and hunters. It is solidly constructed with enough blade thickness for heavy-duty work. Perfect for wood work, gutting game and many other outdoor tasks. This the longer brother of the original Bravo 1. The blade of the 1.2 is a little longer and about the same length of the Bravo 1.25. The Bravo 1.2 was designed at the request of the German market because in Germany people are allowed to carry a fixed knife with a blade length up to 12 cm. The Bravo 1.2 has a blade of exactly 11.9 cm long and can therefore be legally carried in public in Germany (if the circumstances allow it). The blade length is the only difference with the Bravo 1, the handle is exactly the same.

The spine of the blade is enhanced with a so-called ramp. This is a small protrusion with serrations on one side. Intuitively the ramp might be located a little too far back to naturally place your thumb. However, you are meant to place your thumb just in front of the ramp. As such it is easier to apply force during the more detailed tasks. The serrated edge of the ramp is shaped as such to make producing sparks with a firesteel a piece of cake.

The blade is made from CPM S35VN-steel. A stainless type of powder steel that retains its sharpness well. In addition, S35VN is relatively easy to sharpen. The edge has been enhanced with a convex grind which you can maintain by stropping it.

The handle is made from Desert Ironwood. A type of hardwood mainly found in the United States and Mexico. Characterizing is the beautiful colour and the rich pattern. This great type of wood makes the knife look extra luxurious.

The Bark River Bravo 1.2 comes with a leather belt sheath (max. belt width 8.0 cm). The sheath also has a loop for a firesteel (max. diameter ~7.0 mm).

Bark River makes all of its knives almost completely by hand. As such each knife is unique. Especially when working with natural materials a knife can differ from the photographs. The knife you receive can therefore be subtly different from the product photos. The model and type of material, however, will always be the same.


Finish blade satin
Blade shape drop point
Type of edge plain edge

Bark River Bravo 1.2 S35VN, Desert Ironwood, brown sheath


Features & functions

Finish blade satin
Blade shape drop point
Type of edge plain edge
Way of sharpening convex
Type of knife bushcrafting knife
Best use bushcraft, hunting
MOLLE-compatible no
Sharpening angle 20º

General information

Brand Bark River Knives
Colour brown, silver
Can be engraved yes
Country of origin USA
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects lifetime
Series Bravo


Material handle wood, desert ironwood
Type of steel CPM S35VN
Material sheath / pouch leather
Hardness 59 HRC

Scope of delivery

Sheath yes

Dimensions & weight

Weight 230 grams
Blade height 2.9 cm
Blade length 11.9 cm
Length 24.5 cm
Blade thickness 5.5 mm
Handle length 12.3 cm

This product is no longer available

0 review(s)

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