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Case Knives Zippo 52470 Chrome, Red Case Logo lighter

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SKU: ZP52470

This product is no longer available

Full description

This Case Knives Zippo lighter is a cool lighter for all Case fans. It is enhanced with a silver-coloured stonewashed finish. As such any traces of use don't stand out. The side is adorned with a large red Case XX-logo.

Zippo lighters

Zippo lighters have been produced ever since 1932. The American company has almost become a synonym for this type of lighter. Everyone has seen them! The function of the wick that hangs in a fuel tank is characteristic for this lighter. By rotating the wheel alongside a flint the sparks will hit the wick. As such it will light up. A wind catcher is fitted around the wick. As such the Zippo has been quite wind-resistant for dozens of years, even before storm lighters emerged.

Zippo's have always been a part of life. Amongst (survival) enthusiasts and collectors. The simple technique of a Zippo is namely a lot easier to 'troubleshoot' in the field than the modern lighter.

Using your Zippo for the first time

A zippo lighter is empty upon delivery. As such you need to fill it before use. The best thing you can do is use the original Zippo lighter fluid, but benzene is also possible. We are, unfortunately, not able to ship lighter fluid because of safety reasons.


Brand Zippo, Zippo
Colour silver, red
Country of origin USA

Case Knives Zippo 52470 Chrome, Red Case Logo lighter


General information

Brand Zippo, Zippo
Colour silver, red
Country of origin USA
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects lifetime
Type of merchandise lighter

Features & functions

Filled no
Adjustable flame no
Wind resistant yes

Dimensions & weight

Weight 55 grams
Length 5.7 cm
Height 1.3 cm
Width 4 cm

This product is no longer available

0 review(s)

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