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Le Creuset TNS pancake pan 28 cm

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£ 109,00
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This Le Creuset TNS pancake pan has a stylish design. The solid non-stick coating and hard anodized housing make this pan versatile and sustainable. This ensures hassle-free cooking and effortless washing up! Perfect for daily use. Can be used on all cooking hobs, including induction.

I can hear you think: 'haven't I seen this pan somewhere before?'. Yes that is right. The pans from the TNS-collection namely look a lot like the popular Le Creuset Les Forgées collection. These pans, however, were updated. On the inside and the outside.

Materials and construction

The Le Creuset TNS pan is made from forged aluminium. As such the heat is properly distributed. The pan can be used on all heat sources, thanks to the steel disc in the bottom. The handles look professional and are secured with stainless steel rivets to make sure you can safely use them. As such you don't have to worry about the handle heating up: because of the hollow inside of the handle it does not heat up quickly.

Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick

An important advantage of the TNS collection is that all pans are enhanced with the Toughened Non-Stick coating. It's PFOA-free, which means that it does not contain any Teflon. The result is a hardened, better non-stick coating which can withstand heat better. As such all pans can be used on all cooking hobs, including induction and in the oven (up to 260 degrees Celsius, 220 with lid). They are also dishwasher proof.

Glass lid

You can purchase heat-proof glass lids separately. They preserve moisture and flavour and allow you to check on the dish without lifting the lid and disrupting the cooking process or the temperature.

User tips

Remove labels and stickers from the pan before first use. Clean the pan with hot water and some detergent. Rinse the pan off and properly dry it. Use kitchen paper to rub the inside of the pan with some vegetable oils. Sunflower oil or peanut oil is fine. Rinse the pan under hot water and dry it again. Now the pan is ready for use. If you repeat this process regularly, you protect the non-stick coating in the long term and you extend the service life.

Always choose the right heat source and temperature for your pan. When using a stove make sure that the flames never reach further than the base of the pan. Preferably use cookware made from wood, plastic or silicone. Metal cookware, like forks and spoons, can be used with care, but should not scrape the surface. Also make sure you never cut food in the pan and don't tap the side of the pan with metal utensils. Light scratches can become visible with normal use but do not affect the function of the pan.

Always clean the pan after use. Any leftover food residue or greasiness can get stuck inside. As such you damage the non-stick coating. Always let the pan cool down before washing the dishes and never place a hot pan under a cold tap. The pans simply cannot cope with this difference in temperature.

Le Creuset pans

Le Creuset pans are simply incredibly good. Ever since 1925 the name Le Creuset has been synonymous with top-quality and innovation. Whether you are looking for a casserole, grill pan, frying pan or cooking pot: Le Creuset has got you covered!


Brand Le Creuset
Colour black, silver
Country of origin China

Le Creuset TNS pancake pan 28 cm


General information

Brand Le Creuset
Colour black, silver
Country of origin China
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects lifetime
Series TNS


Material handle stainless
Material aluminum

Scope of delivery

Delivered as a set no
Including lid no

Features & functions

Dishwasher safe yes, but we strongly advise against it
Displays exact measure no
Can go into the microwave no
Can go into the oven yes
Handle yes, a handle
Cold grip no
Heat Source ceramic, electric, gass, induction, oven
Non-stick layer non-stick coating with diamond powder
Type pancake pan
Thermo-spot no

Dimensions & weight

Diameter 28 cm
Weight 1200 grams
Handle length 20 cm
Height 1.5 cm
Overall length 50 cm
Width of bottom surface 4 mm
Diameter of bottom 21 cm
£ 109,00

In stock

Ordered today, shipped on Monday

0 review(s)

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