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Home Knife sharpening & maintenance Skerper Skerper Arkansas Skerper Arkansas Wide Combination Bench Stone NACB02, Hard/Translucent Arkansas

Skerper Arkansas Wide Combination Bench Stone NACB02, Hard/Translucent Arkansas

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This product is no longer available

Full description

The Skerper Arkansas wide combination stone has two stones of two different grits glued together to form an all-in-one sharpening tool. The two stones chosen for this one are the Hard Arkansas with an 800-1000 grit and the Translucent Arkansas with an 8000-10,000 grit. This particular combination stone will be a great addition to the Soft Arkansas / Hard Black Arkansas combination stone, for a higher quality finish and better grit progression. With this stone you will achieve the highest level of refinement possible. Perfect for razor sharp edges! The Skerper Arkansas wide combination stone is the widest Arkansas stone available at 76 mm (3”). With this wide stone real-estate it will make easy work of kitchen knives, straight razors and other tools with a long straight edge. The stone comes packaged in a wooden box for storage and transport.

About Skerper Arkansas stones

The Skerper Arkansas stones come in a variety of grits, sizes and shapes. The Arkansas stones are graded by their hardness, with five different grit sizes. Soft Arkansas is the lowest of the grits, comparable to an American 400-600 grit synthetic stone. Up next are the Hard Arkansas (800-1000 grit), Hard Black Arkansas (2000-3000 grit) and Surgical Black Arkansas (4000-6000 grit). The highest of the grits is the Translucent Arkansas, comparable to an 8000-10.000 grit synthetic stone. The different sizes of the stones will suit home sharpening that requires a big stone surface for kitchen knives, to the pocket stones for the people on the go. Whatever your sharpening needs, with Skerper Arkansas you will always have the right stone for the job.

Stone use and care

All of the Skerper Arkansas stones will benefit from the use of honing oil. Some of the products come in sets with oil and stone(s). If not, we highly recommend a bottle of honing oil to go along with the stones. Please apply a few drops on the surface of the stone and it will help with preventing the stone from clogging, reducing friction during sharpening and keeping the stone clean. Using water instead of oil is also an option. From what we’ve experienced however, the oil gives a slightly better result. Cleaning of the stone will also be a bit more difficult when using water. Especially once you’ve used the stone with oil.

These natural stones are very hard and do not need flattening as often as most synthetic stones. When sharpening, position the blade in a fixed angle. Sharpen both sides of the blade equally until they meet at the apex. Since these stones are natural products, there may be slight variations in colour to the one pictured. When using oil the stone and wood will darken but it will not change the quality of the sharpening. Once you’ve finished sharpening, apply a few more drops of oil and wipe it with a cloth to clean the stone. Now you can safely store the stone in the wooden box.


Brand Skerper
Colour grey, white
Country of origin USA

Skerper Arkansas Wide Combination Bench Stone NACB02, Hard/Translucent Arkansas


General information

Brand Skerper
Colour grey, white
Country of origin USA
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 25 year
Series Arkansas
Number 1 pieces


Material novaculite
Abrasive novaculite

Features & functions

Grit according to supplier Hard Arkansas, Translucent Arkansas
Type natural whetstone, sharpening stone, Arkansas stone
delivered with sharpening guides no
Use with water no, with oil
Grit size Medium (600-1000), Ultra fine (5000+)

Scope of delivery

delivered as a set no
delivered with stand yes
Storage box / etui yes
Including storagebox

Dimensions & weight

Weight 766 grams
Length 20.3 cm
Height 2 cm
Width 7.7 cm
Height storage box / etui 4 pick
Height usable part 2 cm
Length storage box 23 pick
Length usable part 20.3 cm
Width storage box 10.4 pick
Width usable part 7.7 cm

This product is no longer available

0 review(s)

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