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Buying Guide Spyderco Knives by Size

Spyderco knives come in all shapes and sizes. If you know which size your perfect Spyderco knife needs to have, finding the right knife will be a piece of cake. We made a list of most common sizes, based on blade length!

Small Spyderco knives

Less is more! A saying that definitely applies here. Spyderco produces small knives you shouldn't underestimate. Thanks to large finger grooves and handles that offer enough grip, these knives are just as capable as a medium-sized knife. But only more compact. Many of these knives can also be added to your bunch of keys.

Medium-sized Spyderco knives

Medium-sized knives are perfect for daily use. These knives have a blade length of approx. 8 cm. Small enough to be compact, large enough to occasionally also carry out the more demanding tasks. In this range you will find some of the most popular Spyderco knives!

Large Spyderco knives

Bigger is better! That is, if the two above mentioned sizes do not adhere to your demands. That is when it is time to look at something bigger. Larger knives are suited for heavy-duty use, if you use gloves or if you simply have larger hands.

All Spyderco knives

Do you prefer to check out all our Spyderco pocket knives? This is, of course, also an option. Here you will find all the Spyderco knives. From small to large. Tip: use the filters for the right selection.


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