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Staub grill pans: tasty grilling in a stylish fashion

A grill pan is used for preparing meat, fish or vegetables on high temperature. The baking area of a grill pan consists of raised ridges.

It's important that the height of the ridges are exactly right. The released moisture and fat is collected in the space between the ridges. If the ridges are too low, the product will come in contact with the moisture and fat. We recommend to wash the pan by hand. This is simple with hot water, a sponge and a mild detergent.

What is grilling?

A great advantage of grilling is that it can be low-fat. You barely use any butter or oil in a good grill pan. If you still wish to use butter or oil, the advice is to smear the food. Another possibility is to cover the baking surface with a little oil. Never pour drops of oil or butter in the pan. This is going to gather between the ridges where the pan makes no contact with the product. Do not be alarmed if your piece of meat or fish will stick to the pan at first. As soon as a crust is formed, the product will release from the pan itself. The pronounced ridges in the grill pans of Staub ensure a perfect grill pattern. Turn the product a quarter turn for a grilled diamond. That looks fantastic and so does it taste.

Benefits of cast iron

The grill pans of Staub are made of solid cast iron. Cast iron is carbon enriched iron. This material is special because it gradually and very evenly spreads and retains heat. As a result, there is little heat lost. There is no hot spot and your product is grilled evenly throughout the pan. This also makes a cast iron grill pan with a large surface area usable on a small pit.

Using a grill pan

The cast iron grill pans of Staub are suitable for any heat source, including the oven. Changing heat source is also no problem. Ideal when you want to keep a dish on temperature in the oven (if it fits). Be careful with rapid temperature swings. Warm up a cast iron pan slowly and let it cool down slowly. Otherwise, the pan could burst.


The grill pans of Staub come in different shapes (round or square), colors, and sizes. Equipped with two handles or with a stem. With the handles you can pick up the pan with both hands in a stable way. However, notice that the handles could be hot. Another advantage is the compactness allowing the pan in the oven. There are also versions with a spout. Advantage of this spout is the simple disposal of released moisture and fat without making a mess. Cast iron pans are heavy in weight. This will keep the pan on the stove stands stable.

Production process

Each Staub grill pan is the only one of its kind. The molten cast iron is poured in individual sand forms. Each sand form is used only once making no pan the same. After applying the enamel layers, the pan is baked for 30 minutes at 800 degrees Celsius. The result is a rock-solid pan that will last for generations. Staub gives 30 years of warranty on cast iron grill pans.

Beautiful in colour

Besides the fact that the grill pans of Staub work wonderfully well, they also look fantastic. The pans have a coloured outside and a matt black top layer inside. The Majolica-color technique creates the high-gloss, deep-intense color on the outside. The pan is finished with a layer of enamel. Email is a very thin layer of melted glass. This layer protects the pan from scratches, rust and discoloration. The inside is hygienic and easy to clean because of the email. Thanks to the beautiful color, the pan looks great on both the stove and the table.