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Fiskars Hard Face: real heavyweights

The pans from the Fiskars Hard Face collection are characterized by their thick base and their Hardtec Superior non-stick coating. This coating ensures that your dishes won’t burn even when exposed to the highest temperatures. As a result you can fry, roast and wok on all imaginable cooking hobs, even over an open flame! 

An amazing aspect of these pans is that when you want to remove them from the fire you will never need a glove. After all, the handles are made from bakelite which can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees. So heat-resistant you can easily lift them with your bare hands.

The Hard Face collection is comprised of frying pans, braisers, saute pans and a sauce pan. The sauce pan, braisers and saute pans come with a glass lid with practical silicone edge. This edge ensures that the lid seals of the pan and won’t stick to the counter top. In addition, the lid has two pouring options: multiple small holes or a wide gap. As a result you can easily drain potatoes and rice.

Finally the design is also worth mentioning. The pans are black giving them a timeless and tough look. Whether you have an incredibly modern or stunningly industrial kitchen: the pans will never have to be stored in kitchen cabinets. Show them off: they will make your kitchen look even better!