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Helle Audun: Limited Edition 2024

The Helle Audun Limited Edition knife of 2024 is designed by Helle's chief handle maker: Audun. Audun has been working for Helle since 1973. He started out as cutlery maker and has since become Helle's chief handle maker and foreman.

Over the past 50 years, he has worked closely with three generations of the Helle family, playing an integral role in many designs during this period. A fruitful collaboration indeed.

Helle Audun limited edition 1
Helle Audun limited edition 2

'This has been a good job my whole life. After I came home to my wife and kids when they were younger, there would always be a few wood shavings from my clothes on the bathroom floor. Then my wife said to the kids: It is the wood shavings we live from.' - Audun

Helle Audun laminated H3LS blade

This year Audun made his favourite knife, inspired by his own 50 years of experience in the field. The finished product is a stunning knife that combines the old with the new. The blade is made from laminated H3LS steel with a scandi grind and a subtle drop point.

The three-layered blade ensures a razor-sharp edge straight out the box. The blade's core steel contains a higher carbon content, so the tough edge retains its sharpness longer while still enjoying the properties of the corrosion-resistant surface steel. The shape and size of the blade make it an ideal all-purpose bushcraft knife.

Helle Audun
Helle Audun

Helle Audun curly birch handle

The handle is made from two of Audun's favourite materials. The front part is made from reindeer antler, protected by a stainless-steel plate. This front part seamlessly flows into a handle made from coloured curly birch.

The oil mixture used to add colour to the handle is Audun's own unique recipe. It results in a lovely deep brownish red colour that offers a nice contrast to the white reindeer antler. A nice bonus is that it smells like you just started a campfire. The handle’s shape pays homage to Helle’s signature belly, while the elongated pommel is a nod to more recent designs.

Helle Audun sheath

The knife comes in Audun's own version of his favourite Helle sheath. As a handle maker, Audun loves birch wood which is why the symbol on the front of the sheath is a birch tree in spring.

Only 1000 pieces have been made of the Helle Audun, and we have gotten our hands on a small number of them! So be quick!