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Ledlenser buying guide: Core, Work or Signature. Which one do I need?

A good light is very practical, but how do you find the head torch or flashlight that will suit you best? Ledlenser has got you covered with the Work, Core and Signature collections. All waterproof with an IP67 or IP68, focusable and easy to set up. But what are the differences between these collections? And which will suit you best? We will help you make the right choice.

Ledlenser Core

The Ledlenser Core collection contains most flashlights and head torches. Stylish basic lights with a great price-quality ratio. These are simply great lights without any frills. As such they are great for daily use in and around the house or on the campsite.

Ledlenser Signature

The lights in the Ledlenser Signature collection are great for those who want to make the most of their light. These lights are enhanced with a number of innovative features and come with many accessories. The popular P7R flashlight, for instance, is enhanced with an additional red LED light, great when fishing or hunting, and it has a brighter beam than the one on the P7R Core. The head torches from the Signature collection come with, amongst others, an adapter for GoPro accessories and connector kits to mount the light to a helmet or the handlebars of your bike.

Ledlenser Work

The Ledlenser Work collection was specifically developed for professional use. These lights are enhanced with a powerful beam, can handle their own, water and dirt and are easy to use, even while wearing gloves. As such the Ledlenser Work collection is great for those working in construction, installation technology or security. The colour rendering of these lights is better than those from the Core and Signature collection. This is key when you work with electrical wires.