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Flashlight buying guide

Are you looking for a flashlight, but not sure which will suit you best? We will help you out! There are different ways to find the flashlight that will suit you best. Depending on what aspect you find most important.

I know what I will use my flashlight for

There many different purposes for which you can use a flashlight. Do you want one for at home, just in case you might need it? Maybe you love outdoor sports and spend a lot of time outside in the dark. That is also when a flashlight can come in handy. You can also use a flashlight for industrial purposes, for emergencies or for hunting purposes. We have flashlights for all these purposes.

I know what battery type I want

There are different battery types flashlights can work with. The battery choice can be just as important as the purpose or the amount of lumens. Different batteries have different advantages and disadvantages. We made an overview of all battery types and flashlights that go with them.

I know the amount of lumens

Do you know how much lumens you will need? You might think, the more lumens, the better. This is, however, not the case. The amount of lumens namely doesn't say anything about the beam distance of the light. We made an overview of how many lumens you need for different purposes.

I know which light beam I am looking for

Do you know which light beam will be perfect for you? There are different types of light beams. A light beam is comprised of a number of beams. All rays of light in a beam can be parallel to each other. It is, however, also possible for all rays to come from one point and disperse. Choose your flashlight based on the light beam.