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LED Torches & batteries

The best LED-torch for each purpose

In the dark it is key that not only you can see well, but also that you are seen. For that reason we have listed a couple of great flashlights and head torches for different purposes.


For home use

Each household requires a good flashlight. Especially during winter, when it gets dark a lot earlier, a flashlight can come in handy. Not only does it ensure that you can see well yourself, but also that others can see you. While walking your dog for instance, or when you are suddenly dealing with a blackout.

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For professionals

When you are a professional you need a solid and reliable torch. But that is not all, a professional flashlight needs to withstand intensive use on a daily basis, should be easy to handle and not too heavy. These lights are particularly suited for electricians, mechanics, technicians and on the construction site.

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For outdoor sports

When you often enjoy a morning or evening run you need to be prepared for the dark. A good head torch is the perfect solution to not only light up your own path but also to make sure others see you. But not only runners should leave their houses prepared. After all, for cyclists a great bicycle light will be indispensable when night-time sets in.

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Flashlights for public safety

For bobbies, soldiers, medical and other safety personnel safety always comes first. They need a reliable flashlight that will never let them down. These flashlights have tactical functions, exceptional light qualities and are solidly constructed. Whether you are looking for a flashlight for your belt as a bobby or a rechargeable flashlight as security guard, we have got you covered.

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