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Torches for outdoor athletes

A good flashlight is key while working out as you make sure people can see you. Especially when you spend a lot of time in the dark. Safety first! These flashlights are perfect when you want to see every rock you come across. Perfect when running, cycling, trail running or hiking in the mountains.

Combined beam: light up as much as possible 

All these head torches and flashlights have a broad and focused beam. With it you light up surfaces both far and broad. Perfect when you want to light up as much of your surroundings as possible. So perfect for different outdoor activities. Check out all lights with a combined beam.

Lights for running 

In the dark it is easier to overlook obstacles, which can lead to nasty injuries. But others will also see you a lot sooner if you carry a light with you. If you are looking for great lights for running why not check out the following list.  

Do you prefer to keep your hands free? You can also use a head torch when running in the dark! A good head torch is important for your own safety and those of others! A light-weight head torch with a LED light is the perfect solution. Check out all head torches for running here .

Bicycle lighting 

A modern bicycle light makes cycling in the dark extra safe. As such you can always see where you are going and people see you. A high light output combined with an optimized light beam make the bicycle light an indispensable accessory for every cyclist. We also selected the best bicycle lights with LED lights. As such you can leave home without worrying about your safety.

Diving lights 

Diving lights need to be waterproof. It doesn't matter how good, nice and strong a diving light is, if it fills up with water because of the high water pressure it will stop functioning. The lights that are featured in the diving light category, are all waterproof up to a depth that is feasible for divers. 

Are you not sure if these are the right lights for you? We are happy to help you with our flashlight buying guide.